FREEDOM – Protesters, activists, trade unions, and the people of nations must unite to make change happen

unityThere is so much discourse in the world today which is being caused by extremist regimes on all sides. On one hand, we have the ‘religious’ extremists, and on the other, the globalist extremists.

People of the world are caught in the middle of these two fanatical camps, which are responsible for the problems we face in our day to day lives. They are responsible for the war and conflict we see spreading like a disease, scorching the earth and killing millions of men, women, and children in their path.

They are responsible for spending billions of dollars on war machines while people suffer poverty and hunger. They are responsible for manipulating the masses for their own ends.

We are led to believe there are two sides, but this is a lie and has been exposed many times by those who are paying real attention to what is going on around them. The west supports al-Qaeda in Syria, while at the same time supposedly fighting them in Africa and other parts of the world.

Al-Qaeda is a puppet organisation, produced by the globalist west to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. Now we are supposed to believe that they have become a ‘rouge’ organisation, but nothing is further from the truth. They were created by the CIA and funded by the US, and continual links to their western masters have been proven time and time again.

The Saudis enjoy a very close and mutually beneficial relationship with the west. They are responsible for as many atrocities as those cited in Iraq and Syria, yet they remain immune from invasion by military forces or significant attacks by ‘terrorist’ groups, they are free of sanctions imposed on other Middle-Eastern countries.

The Saudis are given money by west, and channel it to the supposed terror organisations the west is supposed to be fighting. At the same time they control military activity in their part of the Middle-East, investing billions of dollars in military hardware and allowing western military forces to use their land.

Israel and Saudi share power in the Middle-East and ensure a managed instability is maintained.

The threat of ‘enemies’ is promoted on both sides and keep the people in a state of fear – a state where they will accept the preaching’s of those who offer a ‘solution’ to the perceived and manufactured problems. They offer to keep you safe if you comply.

Freedom is an illusion, and we are only as free as the regime in control of our society allows us to be. In reality, we are nothing but pawns in their game of lies and control, which only serves to feed their own ends.

Our ability to communicate freely has been severely curtailed since the alleged terrorist attacks experienced by the USA in 2001. 9/11 gave the globalists the perfect excuse to introduce stringent measures to restrict freedom of speech, engage in mass propaganda, and to create a state of fear – a state where the population would accept just about anything to ensure their safety – a classic manipulation tactic.

Since then, they (both sides) have perpetuated the fear state. Every now and again there will be an incident – just enough to keep the momentum of fear going and high enough to introduce more controls.

If you take notice and look beyond what is presented as the reason for these controls, you will inevitably discover other reasons and grey areas which will impact on you and others in the future.

Maintaining a state of fear also has the effect of keeping the population suspicious of others, especially outsiders who are promoted as a threat. We are now seeing the state of fear being instilled though domestic actions, where members of the population become afraid to communicate with each other, and view each other with suspicion.

Divide and conquer and maintain the state of fear – that is all they have to do.

Have you ever wondered how an economic crisis can happen when only a few control the money in the world? It is illogical and can only happen by design. Another illogical anomaly is how, when the world is supposed to be in financial meltdown, billions upon billions of dollars can be spent on military action. It just does not make sense.

We are being taken for fools, and perhaps en-masse humanity is foolish. In each person lies the truth and they know it exists, yet they find it almost impossible to express because of the fear of being rejected by society – being seen as an outcast and a target of others ridicule.

There are some people who do take some action. The problem is that their actions are generally focused on one aspect and limited in resource. Nearly all protests, petitions, activists, and cause organisations act alone in a very narrow field, when in fact; nearly all of the injustices they take action against come from the same source. The root cause remains the same.

Whether it is a trade union trying to protect workers’ rights, or an organisation against poverty, the environment, or child neglect – they are all trying to fight against the same entity.

Though being fragmented these organisations are kept from developing any meaningful challenge to those in power. They may win the odd battle, but they will never be permitted to win the war.

There is only one way that the root cause of the problems of the world can be challenged, and that is by organisations and people coming together in one formidable force. There must be cohesion across all artificially separated parts of humanity. They must join together and be strong and overcome the fear and the illusion that those in power are powerful.

In order to evolve and make the world a much better place we must take action to make those in power realise that their antiquated way of doing things is no longer acceptable in a modern world. In time, as the cohesion progresses, more and more people and organisations will see the benefit of being part of an alternative to what they have been programmed to accept.

We have to get away from the concept of protecting our own back yard and look at the much, much bigger picture. We must take a step back from our version of the world and look at the reality of it. We need to stop seeing those who control the world as being strong, because they are not, and hide behind a curtain of fear – fear that they will lose the control they have.

NOW is the time when this action and combining of resources has to happen, before those in power create a position it will be very difficult to get out of.

We have already seen an escalation of restrictive policies and the introduction of domestic control. Those in power are attempting to control every aspect of our lives, especially free and open communication. They cite their control policies as being protective – protection from enemies, protection from paedophiles, protection from anything they can use to lever the public into accepting their warped position.

The reality is that if any of those ‘undesirable’ factions want to communicate, they will whatever policies are in place – they don’t play by rules. It is only the general, conscientious population that play by rules, and that is who the controllers want more control over.

Take time to think about reality as it really is. Look at the bigger picture of the world and how everything that happens in other places has an effect on you. Think about how you can come together with others to make a real difference. Most of all don’t live your life in fear and compliance, because that will make you more afraid and will mean you will comply more and more.

There is no need for violence; there is no need for fear. There is a need to wake up!

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