POLITICS – Eric Pickles joins the UK government’s ‘Stupid’ club by attempting to restrict trade unions

picklesIt seems they are all at it – desperately trying to control the people and prevent any possible dissent to their fascist policies. In the latest debacle, Eric Pickles is attempting to join his buddies Cameron, Duncan Smith, Hague, Osborne, and many others in the exclusive Conservative Stupid Club, where each member is required to come up with a really stupid idea that will make life a misery for the downtrodden population of the UK.

This time Eric Pickles is attempting to severely restrict the work of trade unions in the country’s councils.

According to Pickles, when he was speaking at the Conservative Councillors Association, he has a ten point plan to restrict union representatives time spent on union business while in the employment of a council. His justification for this is that time spent on union business is taking money away from councils which could be spent on reducing the council tax bill.

If Pickles thinks that the relatively small amount of money councils will save by restricting union time is going to make any meaningful contribution to council tax bills he is seriously stupid, if not downright insane.

We have a couple of ideas that will make a REAL difference:

  • Stop spending money on supporting/initiating conflicts abroad which make lots of money for your Conservative cronies at the taxpayers’ expense.
  • Get your own greed under control and stop stealing taxpayer’s money for your groceries and other ‘expenses’ that you can afford to pay for yourself.

Did the government REALLY need to spend £450,000 on renting 12 fig trees to decorate the hall outside MP’s offices?

Look in your own backyard Pickles – that is where the majority of taxpayer’s money is wasted.

But really we know this is not about the money. By restricting union activities the government will take away any hope that employees will be properly represented in a fair and just way. Major employers and government will be able to bring in any policies they want, and the unions will be so under-resourced that they will not be able to fight them. That is what this is about.

The unions have already been legislated against to such an extent that they are unable to take any really strong action against the injustices of the government. This is about control – turning each person in the UK into little economic robots to feed the obese egos of the wealthy.

Time to stop this and unions should get some balls and start taking REAL action instead of playing lip-service to what they once were – strong and effective representatives of the man in the street.

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