ISRAEL – The biased reporting of the Gaza rocket attack on Israel

w-6gaza-112012News agencies around the world reported that on the 26th February a rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza.

The insinuation in many press reports (especially in the US) was that Gaza has initiated the first violent action since November, when a ceasefire was agreed.

However, the biased reports fail to mention that the rocket attack is a reaction to the violence of the Israeli’s which has been continual, and has recently escalated, while the ceasefire is supposed to be in place.

The rocket fire came one day after Israeli troops injured two Palestinian teenagers near a holy site close to Bethlehem, during one of the many demonstrations Palestinians in the West Bank have staged in recent days.

Initially, West Bank street protests broke out in support of Palestinians held in Israeli jails, particularly in support of four inmates on lengthy hunger strikes. Then, over the weekend, a Palestinian prisoner who was not on hunger strike died under disputed circumstances, prompting more demonstrations.

Israel’s violence during the ceasefire:

  • Palestinians killed by the Israeli army in the Gaza strip: 4
  • Palestinians wounded by Israeli army in the Gaza strip: 91
  • Attacks involving shooting at Palestinians in the Gaza strip: 63
  • Israeli army incursions into the Gaza strip: 13
  • Israeli naval attacks on Palestinian fishermen: 30

Quite a difference to the demonstrations and one rocket attack from the Palestinians against Israeli violence.

The Israeli’s are all too keen to be trigger happy against Palestinians going about their daily business, such as working and going to school, with several Palestinians being shot for no reason other than Israeli idiots with guns.

The following report from Abby Martin on Breaking The Set on RT:

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