ICELAND – How 320,000 people changed their nation by peaceful revolution, an example YOU should take notice of

iceland_protestThe small country of Iceland has undergone significant changes in recent months which have restructured the constitution and financial markets, effectively divorcing the country from the control of oligarchs and bankers.

The changes are significant, and were possible because the people of Iceland woke up to the reality of how they were being used and controlled, and they came together as one to demand change.

It has been called a ‘peaceful revolution’, but that is perhaps a little misleading. Certainly, most of the people came together and protested as one, but there were factions who did engage in some rioting and damage to property. But perhaps that is to be expected when the people of a country become so frustrated that they have to make a very firm statement to those in power.

So instead of fragmenting themselves by protesting about the smaller issues, they came together en-masse and created a force the government could no longer ignore. The concentrated on the root of the problem and perhaps that is the key to the success of this small nation undergoing a very significant change.

The ‘revolution’ did not bring the country to its knees, result in civil war, or stop the country from functioning during the change. What it did was force change – which is what is needed in many countries around the world. A global change in the way oligarchs and financial institutions are properly controlled, and held responsible for their own actions instead of using the people as pawns to bail them out of problems they have created.

What it means is that the ‘old boy’s network’ of politics and finance looking after each other’s interests has been broken down and made inoperable.

The bankers who were responsible for creating Iceland’s economic crisis have been forced to answer for their actions in the courts, the constitution of the country has been re-written to the benefit of the people, and the political system has been reformed to prevent dominance and control by the major political parties.

Iceland is still changing and improving the democratic system, and this will continue to be an on-going process.

The important point is that by people coming together in a common goal can make real change. Instead of being fragmented over different issues, and afraid to take action, people from all walks of life came together. Instead of demonstrating for a day, they were relentless every day to a point where they could not be ignored.

They stopped making excuses for NOT doing something about their situation and took real action, casting aside the apathy that we see in many of today’s societies.

The mainstream media has given little attention to the Icelandic situation, and have certainly not reported on the massive effect that the people have had on changing the country’s democratic system. We are sure you will be able to figure out why that is for yourself.

Some have said that the reason the ‘revolution’ worked in Iceland is because they are a small nation and that it could not possible work in larger nations. We would say that these kind of comments are apathetic excuses, and it is this kind of programmed small-mindedness and is an example of how those in power attempt to prevent challenge.

Pro-rata, if enough people wake up and stop being so selfish or afraid, there is the possibility for change – real and meaningful change.

Change does not mean mass-destruction of the society in which you live. It means targeting the very small number of those in power to make it impossible for them to operate – force them into a position where change has to happen. The aim is not to bring down a complete system, just to target key areas where change can be started and then go from there.


One thought on “ICELAND – How 320,000 people changed their nation by peaceful revolution, an example YOU should take notice of

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