POLITICS – The rise of Hollywood propaganda in the new age of ‘war’ and lies

zero-dark-thirty-crop-jessica-chastainHere we go again, just as in the 2nd World War, Hollywood has been recruited to promote what a wonderful job the US is doing killing people and creating an unsafe, unstable world for generations to come.

Not only are they producing fictional movies which claim to be based in reality (perhaps they are VERY loosely), they are giving themselves awards for telling less than the truth and for being patsies for the government propaganda machine.

Two of the latest releases, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo, are atrocious manipulations of the truth, and if you believe anything about these films represents the truth of the current crop of conflicts then you need some serious education. They are both trash movies for the masses, which is something Tinsel Town is good at.

In typical ‘all American hero’ fashion, they lack depth and background, presenting the main characters as some kind of ‘saviours’ of freedom and democracy, which is FAR from the truth of the involvement and intentions of the US government.

As ‘entertaining’ as these films may be, this kind of trash is pure propaganda. In the case of Zero Dark Thirty, it glorifies the American atrocities committed by those under the direct command of the government. It gives those who are impressionable a sense of justice in the government use of torture against the US’ enemies, justifying such actions as effective and acceptable when in ‘dangerous times’.

Argo is another piece of junk-history. The film, directed by and starring Ben Affleck, alleges to tell the story of how the Canadian government and the CIA rescued six American diplomats from the clutches of the Iranian students who occupied the U.S. embassy during the 1979 Islamic revolution.

As with most Hollywood propaganda movies, Argo seriously ramps up the part the Americans had to play in the real-life situation. The movie depicts the British turning away escaping American embassy staff, when in fact five of the staff were rescued and kept safe by the British in Iran, at great personal risk, until they could be moved to a safe location for rescue.

Sir John Graham was British Ambassador to Tehran at the time, and he told The Daily Mail ‘When I first heard about this film, I was really quite annoyed,’ referring to the woeful inaccuracies in the movies depiction of events.

There is also no mention of an incredibly brave Pakistani guard, Iskander Khan, who saved the Americans lives by convincing the mob of students that there was no one in the British residential camp where the Americans were being looked after.

As films go, both Zero Dark Thirty and Argo are OK for what they are – fictional. The problem is that many who watch them in the current climate of mass media control may see them as truthful depiction of true events – which they are not.

We should also be concerned by the close relationship of movie producers and the US government, If they choose to produce movies that support the government’s perspective – and only that.

Hardly the freedom and democracy the US government likes to say it protects.


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