UK – Money for al-Qaeda but no money for welfare – Clown Cameron’s latest idea – SCANDALOUS!

cameronindiaThe Clown king revealed more details about his latest plan to divert aid money to military operations.

Part of his latest brainwave is to give money to fight al-Qaeda in Mali and across Africa, AND to give financial aid to al-Qaeda in Syria to fight the Syrian regime.

The Syrian opposition is known to include significant numbers of al-Qaeda fighters who have committed horrific atrocities against the Syrian people – much worse than their own government ever inflicted on them.

Cameron’s government insisted that it would keep its promise to increase spending on aid – we would like to know who they made that promise to, and did they mean increasing spending on aid at the expense of flushing the UK economy and all of the country’s citizens in to the sewers of poverty?

Charities working in conflict zones around the world have also severely criticised and responded in total dismay at the plans to divert aid money to military operations.

Talking to The Independent, Oxfam’s head of policy, Max Lawson said the public expected cash earmarked for international development to be spent on “hospitals and not helicopter gunships” and “schools not soldiers”. He said: “We can’t see any penny diverted into the military.”

John Hilary, executive director of War on Want, said: “Instead of aid being used to meet the needs of local populations it’s being used to support the foreign policy aims of the British state.”

Even if this stupid plan by Cameron went ahead, it would seriously compromise the lives of aid workers. Sorcha O’Callaghan, head of humanitarian policy at the British Red Cross, said “Blurring the lines between aid and military objectives will not only reduce the resources available to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, it also risks the access and safety of aid workers.”

At a time when there are severe cuts to services and welfare across the UK, and when energy bills are so inflated that many cannot afford to heat their homes, it is disgusting that the government can find UNLIMITED funds for war and conflict.

On one hand, Cameron and his cronies are talking about fighting world poverty, while on the other, creating poverty in the UK.

It may just be us being cynical, but it also seems rather convenient that at the same time as an increase in ‘security’ spending is announced an alleged al-Qaeda suicide bombing plot by three men in the UK has been ‘uncovered’ – very good timing there Cameron.

It seems the government thinks the people of the world are as STUPID as they are.

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