WELFARE – Cameron says he prefers spending on war NOT welfare – a DISGRACE!

warwelfareCameron has said that he is considering using some of the £11 billion he has targeted for foreign aid to spend on military operations.

The Department for Internal Development has been severely criticised by the Public Accounts Committee for the way it spends taxpayer’s money on foreign aid, mainly surrounding the waste of millions on frivolous projects, fraud, and employing ‘consultants’ (who mainly happen to be involved in British business and ‘friends’ of the government).

It is the aim of Cameron to increase the departments funding to at least £11 billion by 2015.

During his visit to India, Cameron told reporters that he is considering diverting part of his proposed aid budget to ‘security operations’ in foreign countries he described as “deeply broken and fragile states”

What this means is that Cameron sees deploying thousands of British military personnel in areas where there is a benefit to the government and their ‘business partners’ as a more favourable option than diverting the taxpayer’s money to welfare in the UK.

At a time when the poor and vulnerable are being hit hard financially by government welfare reforms and tax policies, and with severe reduction in funding for essential services, this is not what the British people want to hear from their apparent prime minister.

This is further proof that the whole of the government is totally out of touch and living in fantasy land.

The Conservative party know that they have zero chance of winning the election in 2015 after their incompetence this time round. So as an alternative agenda they seem determined to line their own pockets and those of their supporters with the taxpayer’s cash.

This is nothing more than THEFT and FRAUD!

The government are nothing more than a bunch of criminals. They should be accountable for their abhorrent actions, and be in prison for their obvious corruption, and for their manipulation of the British people for their own ends.

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