Cameron is practiced at apologising for the past, but what about the present?

cam -liarDuring his visit to India, Cameron embarked on yet another insincere political spin of an apology to the Indian people for the massacre of 379 civilians in 1919.

Cameron is well practiced in his performance of apologising for past events, many of which he had no part in, and each time he spouts his false rhetoric it becomes more obvious what a callous, un-empathic fool he and his government are.

Clown Cameron has apologised for:

  • 2008 – not given warnings sooner about the economic crisis when Gordon Brown was in power.
  • 2009 – Margaret Thatcher’s law, called Section 28, which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality in schools.
  • 2010 – ‘Bloody Sunday’ in 1972 in Northern Ireland.
  • 2012 – Hillsborough stadium disaster in 1989.
  • 2012 – the murder in 1989 of Pat Finucane, a Belfast solicitor.
  • 2012 – the death of 1200 patients in Staffordshire hospitals.
  • 2012 – the Amritsar massacre in India in 1919.

The apologies are all very well, but what will politicians of the future be apologising for because of his government’s actions?

  • Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children slaughtered in the Middle-East.
  • Failing to intervene as Israel carries out a genocidal programme against the Palestinians.
  • Failing to take action to withdraw British military from an illegal war.
  • Complicity in the destabilisation of Africa and the Middle-East through excessive military force.
  • Failure to control government spending.
  • Failure to introduce realistic policies to.
  • Plunging the poor and vulnerable of the nation into more poverty.
  • Taking away freedom and liberty through subversive legislations.
  • Destroying the education system.
  • Failing to control energy companies.
  • Destroying the UK economy through incompetent policies.
  • And so on and so on….

Oh yes, there will be a lot that future leaders of the UK will have to apologise for because of the direct results of Clown Cameron and his government.

It seems that apologising for other government’s ‘mistakes’ is much easier that facing the mistakes of his own government – much easier than facing the reality of the atrocities he is either complicit in or has done nothing at all to prevent.

It is the ‘here and now’ he should be apologising for, and instead of playing silly spin games, concentrate more on real policies and action that improve people’s lives instead of destroying them.

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