POLITICS – Could this be a clue to Clown Cameron’s fantasy world?

David-Cameron-001During a visit to Mumbai, Cameron was asked by an employee of Unilever what he did to cope with the pressures of his job.

Cameron said that one of the things he does is to make sure he doesn’t go to bed too late, so he can give his brain plenty of rest.

There could be two indicators here of why he is such a moron when it comes to developing government policies which he thinks have a basis in the real world.

Either he sleeps too much and thinks he is dreaming of being prime minister (if only that were true), in which case, his whole perception of reality is based in his own fantasy world. Or he is not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much, and we know that either can have a serious effect on cognitive ability.

It could explain why he seems so confused most of the time as well, not quite knowing if his policies were made during sleepy time or awakey time – plenty of government U-turns to prove that.

Perhaps if nanny were still around to tuck the Clown King up in bed at night he may be able to differentiate better.


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