GOVERNMENT – Arts Council waste £2.5 million decorating trucks

lorriesAt a time of cuts in essential services, it is incredible that the Arts Council can waste £2.5 million of taxpayer’s money promoting the Lincolnshire Fenlands in Europe by decorating the side of inter-continental trucks.

The programme will see the trucks feature local art from Boston and South Holland areas of Lincolnshire as they travel through Europe, with the stated aim of connecting the local workforce with the places and cultures the trucks travel to.

South Holland District Council said that “art from South Holland and Boston will be seen from Sutterton to Spain, Holbeach to Holland, Benington to Belgium and Fleet to France as part of a travelling display.”

At a time when local councils are trying to cut costs, residents of the Boston and South Holland area have criticised the project and say that the money could have been better spent on local services.

Boston has seen the biggest rise in migrants in the country, and residents fear the project will attract more to the area, which is already full to capacity.  One resident said “All the locals can’t cope any more. You go down Boston High Street and it’s just like you’re in a foreign country. It’s got to stop,” and went on to say that local services are at breaking point.

This is typical of the miss-management of taxpayer’s money that is sanctioned, in fact promoted, by the government.

With people having to go to food banks, the elderly having their care withdrawn, and more and more financial pressure being placed on the poor and vulnerable in society, this kind of spending is hardly necessary, or beneficial – in fact it is obscene.

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