FREEDOM – From 2015, the world is going to be a very different place.

earthThe acceleration of the agenda of those in power, the globalists, is frightening, and anyone who has had their eyes open for the past few years should have noticed how much their lives, societies, and communities have changed.

The United States economy is going to crash – not just a little – but totally. The dollar is going to be worthless, resulting in civil unrest which will be catastrophic, with widespread hunger, violence, and death on a scale Americans could never imagine.

A state of emergency will come into force, shutting down any dissent to the martial law that will come into place.

American infrastructure will seem to be destroyed, with no supplies of food, medical care, power, or fuel available to the general population. Money will have no value, and retail banking will no longer exist. Electricity will be cut-off and restricted, and there will be no access to communication networks, effectively leaving citizens ‘in the dark’.

Government agencies such as the TSA and FEMA Corp will be used with conventional police forces and the military to corral citizens into controlled zones, where basic needs will be met – but only for those who comply with the martial regime. Dissenters will not be tolerated and will face ‘removal’.

The controlled zones will be promoted as ‘safe areas’ away from the threat of death and violence many will have experienced in their communities. Everyone will be required to be ‘chipped’ with a RF ID device. Those who refuse will go to ‘special camps’ – far away from the main ‘safe areas’.

Those who live in rural and remote areas will not be spared. Once the majority of the population are under a reasonable level of control, government forces will hunt down anyone who tries to live ‘off the grid’, or who attempts to establish an alternative community.

Cities and suburban areas will be made uninhabitable, or will be totally destroyed to prevent any notion that return to the lives people once knew is possible. The people will be told that there is widespread disease that cannot be controlled, and that death is inevitable if anyone tries to stray into uncontrolled areas.

The government will embark on what they will call a ‘restructuring’ programme which they will present as an opportunity to make citizens safer, and ensure that everyone has their basic needs met, where nothing like the horror they have experienced will ever happen again. But these will be nothing much better than concentration camps, where everyone will be forced to comply with the government and work as they are told to do in return for their safety. Effectively, people will become enslaved.

Part of population control and compliance will be achieved through the water supply and food chain.

Religious practice that falls outside of the designated parameters will not be tolerated.

Travel will become almost impossible without special permits, and travel will be limited to ‘authorised’ areas along designated routes – possibly by train or some other form of public transportation system.

The totalitarian state will be established – and that is the future.

People’s rights to have children will be limited. They will not be permitted to breed ‘at will’. The government will implement a strict programme of birth control, where only those who are ‘permitted’ will be allowed to have children, and they will be limited in number.

There will be no families. Children who are born to those allowed them will spend most of their time in special ‘schools’ where the state will educate them, and take care of their needs. Parents will not be needed.

The purpose will be to ensure that only the healthiest citizens with the correct ‘authorised’ genetic make-up breed, and to ensure the population is kept within ‘manageable’ limits.

The old and infirm will be disposed of through euthanasia programmes or the withholding of medical treatment. Once a citizen reaches a stage of no longer being useful in the camps, they will be killed in one way or another by the government.

If the disabled or mentally ill are unable to work and are a drain on resources, they will also be disposed of, and the population will see this as a solution to spare ‘scarce’ resources.

There will be a distinct power structure in place. Those who served the government’s purpose before the catastrophe, and who have relocated themselves to ‘safe places’, will return and be permitted to do as they please within loose ‘rules’. They will continue to be favoured, and will live in relative luxury, and be protected from the general population.

These ‘elite’ will still have to comply with the higher order of the power structure, and will become ‘the managers’ of the higher power’s agenda. They will operate farms, factories, and other elements of the new infrastructure.

Canada will also become a globalist area similar to the United States, although the level of violence used to control citizens will be slightly less.

In Europe there will be more resistance to the changes. Government will attempt to implement the same controls as in the USA, but they will not be totally successful. Some areas of Europe will succumb more readily than others, and there will be a significant underground movement to sabotage much of what those in power will try to accomplish.

The resistance to governments will eventually be successful, although it will take a long time, during which there will be much suffering and many deaths – but the resistance will prevail.

Similarly, in Oceania, the governments will have very limited success for a limited time, eventually being usurped by resistance movements.

Most of Africa is of no concern to the globalists. The only interest they will have is in the control of natural resources. They do not see the people of Africa as a threat to their agenda, and they will be able to control them through false-flag operations, mainly by inciting tribal wars. The globalists will only intervene when their exploitation of natural resources is threatened, and they will intervene with incredible power to wipe out the threat as quickly as possible.

Large parts of Asia will not take part in globalisation, although there will be those who will be forced to through international pressure and agreements. There will be coups, and some of the governments will fall to be replaced by ‘peoples’ representatives and dictatorships.

The people of the Middle-East will be controlled through a cooperative between Israel and Saudi Arabia, supplied by the United States and ‘allies’. This will be a particularly brutal regime, and even though Israel and Saudi Arabia will appear to be separate, they will share power.

Russia will appear to remain aloof from the globalist agenda, but will be part of it. They will appear to remain neutral, and to support reason and democratic processes. In the background they will become a supplier to the rest of the world, with vast tracts of land turned to agriculture. The people of Russia will be under the impression that they are separated from the globalists, but they will be part of it, having a seemingly freer lifestyle within their own borders.

China will be a secret ally of Russia, and will work with Russia to supply the rest of the world with goods from the manufacturing and agricultural industries. The people of China will not notice too much difference to the current regime.

Many South American countries will become complicit in the American system, and some will implement similar systems on their own soil.

Smaller countries outside of the main continents will maintain their independence as much as possible, reverting to more traditional methods of survival, rather than relying on imports from larger countries. Some will become resorts for the global elite.

This is the way the future will unfold from 2015 onwards. It may take a short time, or it may take a decade to start to take hold.

The future is not definitive and can be changed if there is significant action by the population of the world. However, apathy will probably mean that the globalists agenda will be implemented because of this, and because the truth is hidden from the wider population.

Violent resistance to the globalists will be crushed, and will strengthen the globalist agenda and restriction of peoples liberties until their goal is reached.

The globalists already have ensured that large numbers of the world’s population are separated by artificial borders and conflicts, instilling fear so people will look to those who lead them for security and protection. The globalists have implemented a policy of ‘divide and conquer’ through false-flag operations and diluting society to a degree where members of a community will no longer come together in resistance, and are afraid to communicate with each other.

Aspects of the globalist agenda have been delayed or re-scheduled, but what they have wanted to achieve so far has been done, and what they want to achieve in the future will be done – unless there is a massive shift in consciousness of the majority of the world’s population, but the globalists will still continue to distract the population from the truth of what is happening in plain sight.

Is this the way the future is going to be? That is up to you.

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