EDUCATION – More strikes on the horizon as education department take industrial action

strikeSerious protests against the incompetent UK government are beginning to take hold in the UK.

Recently, BBC staff took industrial action over proposed redundancies across the broadcaster’s range of services.

The latest industrial action will be by workers in the Department for Educations, where staff have voted to go on strike over government spending cuts and job losses.

Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union backed strike action, including walkouts, by 2-1, and other industrial action by 9-1.

Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the union, said “These cuts are purely political and would not only mean misery for 1,000 of Mr Gove’s own staff but also put at risk some vital public services, such as ensuring children are safe at school and supporting special educational needs.”

The union claims that around 1000 jobs are at risk because of government spending cuts.

The proposed cuts to education spending the job losses are suspected to be part of the government proposals to privatise large parts of the education system. Part of the criticism from the union is that ‘management consultants’ have been employed at senior levels.

Mr Serwotka said that employing these consultants should “ring alarm bells” and added  “There are serious questions to answer about a conflict of interest, given it would be allowed to bid for future contracts after receiving such privileged access.”

With the current government driving forward with ridiculous policies which slash away at public services and welfare, the UK can expect more industrial action as the cuts begin to bite and have a real effect on people’s lives.

By not listening to the people they represent, the government are signing their own death warrant.

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