WELFARE – Duncan Smith in delusional rant at student over uk government work programmes

127912356The ever perpetuating madness of Duncan Smith continued today on the BBC1’s Andrew Marr show when he directly criticised geology graduate Cait Reilly for challenging the government’s work programme – and winning her legal battle at the Court of Appeal.

Never one to let the truth get in the way of insanity, Duncan Smith vowed to strengthen and continue to expand the government’s slave labour programmes.

In a direct attack on Ms Reilly, Duncan Smith said “The next time these smart people who say there’s something wrong with this go into their supermarket, ask themselves this simple question: when they can’t find the food on the shelves, who is more important: them, the geologist or the person who’s stacked the shelves.”

Unless we are mistaken, supermarkets are supposed to EMPLOY people ON A PROPER WAGE to do that very thing – creating jobs and helping the economy. But of course, if those ‘smart people’ are unable to earn any money because they are wasting time stacking shelves for nothing, then they won’t be going into supermarkets to buy much that often anyway.

In another ridiculously insane statement, Duncan Smith said “You have to learn early that if you commit to something you stay by and do it. She was paid jobseeker’s allowance by the taxpayer to do this.”

Oh dear, now he has really lost the plot.

Ms Reilly WAS committed to something – something which benefitted her community and something which provided her with REAL work experience – that is why she was so upset at being forced to leave the volunteer placement she had to do something which offered her NO training or work experience. The only experience she had was working for a corporation that should have EMPLOYED a person to do that work. Ms Reilly DID stand by and commit to something she believed in – rightly so.

Jobseeker’s Allowance is NOT pay to do work. Jobseeker’s Allowance is there to provide financial support for basic living costs while looking for work. It seems that Duncan Smith doesn’t understand the benefit system very well.

Duncan Smith’s perception seems to be that those on Jobseeker’s Allowance are there to be used as and when his mates need bodies to do menial tasks – perhaps as a way to circumnavigate employment legislation and tax obligations.

The next target of Duncan Smith’s megalomaniac rants was the justice system.

Calling the decision of three eminent judges “rubbish”, Duncan Smith has shown total contempt for the basis of a system of justice which offers some form of check and balance to his madness. Of course, if Lord Justice Pill, Lady Justice Black and Sir Stanley Burnton – all very experienced and respected judges – had ruled in the government’s favour he would be singing their praises.

In thinking about who we should believe, we think it may be best to go with the decision of three eminent judges rather than a ranting, dogmatic maniac.

Perhaps next time the justice system makes a ruling in the government’s favour the public should do the same as Duncan Smith – ignore it and carry on doing whatever it was that was ruled against in the first place. What would the madman say then we wonder. No doubt there would be more insane ranting.

And to finish, in the true style of many fascist dictators that have gone before, Duncan Smith said “I am not going to give way on this. I absolutely clearly tell you this: people who think it is their right to take benefit and do nothing for it – those days are over.”

But of course, MPs and government ministers are ‘entitled’ to take money from the public purse without doing anything for it – expenses spring to mind, although we are sure there are lots of other things too – like grocery allowances etc.

With his attitude (and the attitude of other government cronies) perhaps he needs to think about how long it will be before the government’s days are over.

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