UK – Government plan to kill all resistance to their radical policies – and democracy with it.

WhitehallIn a plan to ‘modernise’ the civil service and to drive through radical government reforms with minimum resistance, Francis Maude, minister for the civil service and paymaster general, is to propose a radical shake-up in which ministers will hire their own private offices of 20 ‘experts’.

The government has criticised the civil service for being ‘obstructive’ because civil servants have fought to block radical reforms by the government.

Some of the reforms proposed by Maude are:

  • Ministers hiring up to 20 academics, economists, PR advisors, and policy experts who will support government policies and push the minister’s agenda.
  • Hiring executives from the private sector to run government departments.
  • Seconding civil servants to the private sector.

So, basically this will allow ministers to hire people who agree with whatever policy they want to implement, totally bypassing any democratic process which may act as a check or balance.

It also means that ministers will be spending more tax payer’s cash on something which does not benefit citizens but does benefit their hand-picked cronies, by offering them lucrative jobs in government.

What it means for the ‘man-in-the-street’ is a dictatorship – a fascist regime where anything the government does or implements will go virtually unchallenged.

Our knowledge of the current government so far has shown that they are totally out of touch with reality and implement the most ridiculous and damaging policies we have ever seen.

Letting an incompetent organisation such as the coalition government free reign to do as they please will mean total disaster for the UK and everyone in it – unless you happen to be part of the ‘old boys club’.

The relationship between government and the civil service has been described as “as bad as I’ve ever known it” by Whitehall historian, Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield.

The former cabinet secretary, Lord O’Donnell has openly criticised the government for their treatment and misuse of the civil service. In referring to the role of the civil service, Lord O’Donnell said “The issue is whether they are the right policies. Have they been formulated with good evidence and if, when they are implemented, will they improve peoples’ lives.”

But we have already seen how the government have over-ridden advice from the civil service and implemented policies without considering the full implications.

If the government are allowed to go along the route of abolishing all resistance, we need to be aware that this will have serious consequences for the nation.


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