WELFARE – Government social engineering means over 4000 families will be moved out of London

Photograph: Alex Lentati/Evening Standard/Rex Features

Photograph: Alex Lentati/Evening Standard/Rex Features

As a result of the government welfare reforms, Camden council have been forced to look for alternative accommodation as far away as 200 miles outside of London for 761 poor families.

This is the largest displacement of poor people from the capital.

2,816 adults and children will be forced to move because they will no longer be able to afford to live in their homes because of the government’s benefits cap.

Camden Council has been forced to look at areas far away from the capital, including Birmingham, Leicester, and Bradford. Over 900 children will have their schooling disrupted.

Other London councils have been forced to find alternative accommodation for poor families in their areas.

Brent Council have looked at the cost of buying properties in other parts of the UK to house those who will be unable to live in the area. So far, they have acquired properties in Luton, Slough, and Hertfordshire, and are looking at buying properties in Coventry and Birmingham, putting further stress on the finances of the council which will inevitably lead to them having to cut council services and make more staff redundant. A false economy.

In other areas of London, 2327 families will be affected in Westminster, 1000 families will be affected in Haringey, and these are just the beginning. As the government reforms continue to bite on the budgets of local councils, many more families are expected to be affected across London.

Stephen Timms, Labour’s employment spokesman, told The Guardian newspaper: “This government’s incompetence is in danger of creating a cap on benefits that actually ends up costing more than it saves. It is becoming increasingly evident that hapless ministers haven’t got the first idea what is going to happen when their changes come in or how much hardship will be caused.”

Sarah Hayward, the leader of Camden Council said: We are deeply concerned with the continued cuts to welfare benefits and how this will impact on Camden. The very high housing costs in Camden and across London mean that low-income households will find it increasingly hard to find affordable accommodation if they are not in social housing. Camden is a much better place because of the diverse population that make up its social mix and sadly these changes mean that some low income households will be moved further away from their communities, their jobs and their support networks such as friends and family.”

There have been fears that the benefit cap would cause chaos across the country from such a momentous change to welfare policy. Initially, ministers planned a gradual roll-out of the policy. However, last night the government’s welfare minister, Lord Freud, was said to be bringing forward the national roll-out of the policy because the government feared a legal challenge.

It is the human cost that should concern the government. Thousands of families are going to have their lives ripped apart. Social networks will be destroyed, communities will be destroyed, children’s family life and educations will be destroyed – and all because of the incompetent policies of the government.

One single mother in Camden with four children, all under the age of 10, told the Guardian: “I want to stay where I am for my children’s education. What it seems like is the government just want London for the rich. They want to move people on benefits to poor areas.” The council offered to rehouse her in Liverpool, an area far removed from the settled live she has in London, and at the other end of the country!

She said: “Not being given that option to choose where you want to live and where your children go to school isn’t fair. The government is taking away people’s homes and the places where they’ve made friends. To think that someone has the power to do that over you … Obviously the government made a lot of mistakes and now everyone is taking the brunt of their mistakes. My children are my priority. If I have to move I will but obviously I’m trying to resolve this.”

It is difficult to see how the government are going to try and justify this obviously fascist agenda.

Surely, even the most politically unaware person in the country can see that the government have recently launched a propaganda campaign to stigmatise the poor in society.

Right from the immature ‘strivers and scroungers’ controversy, the government has attempted to brainwash the population into thinking that the results of their policies are someone else’s fault.

They have attempted to stigmatise those who are VICTIMS of the government, and not content with that, they are implementing their social engineering agenda with devastating consequences, not only for the people affected, but for the country as a whole.

The cost of the welfare reform policies are going to be horrendously high. Although the official manipulated statistics will show that welfare costs have decreased, the impact on other areas of the budget will be significant. Local councils will foot most of the cost, even though their resources are continually being cut by the government. No doubt the government will blame them for its own failing.

How on earth can any reasonable person think that these policies are right and just, or are going to do anything for the economy of the country when the government wastes so much of the taxpayer’s money?

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