WELFARE – Rogue UK government IGNORE court ruling on their illegal actions

ukcabinetWe are astonished that the UK government have TOTALLY IGNORED a ruling by judges that slave labour programmes put in place by the Department of Work and Pensions are ILLEGAL!

On Tuesday, three appeal court judges ruled that the department had acted illegally by placing sanctions on those who refused to take part in the government’s forced labour programmes, and had failed to provide those who were sanctioned with full details of their rights to appeal against being required to work on the programmes.

DESPITE the court ruling, the government is expected to outline plans to EXTEND the use of sanctions and MANDATORY low-level work for those in receipt of unemployment benefits, BEFORE the government’s appeal to the Supreme Court is heard.

In referring to those had already been sanctioned, a spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions said they have “no intention of giving back money to anyone who has had their benefits removed because they refused to take getting into work seriously.”

We reported on the judgement of the Court of Appeal (UK – Court rules government slave and forced labour schemes illegal).

One of the appellants, Cait Reilly, a university graduate, was forced to give up voluntary work at a local museum and forced to work for Poundland, a shop selling cheap goods, and forced to perform menial tasks.

The other appellant, Jamieson Wilson, a qualified mechanic and HGV driver, was told he would have to clean old furniture for 30 hours a week for six months under a scheme known as the Community Action Programme. Mr Wilson’s refusal to work unpaid meant that his unemployment benefit would be stopped for six months.

Neither Ms Reilly and Mr Wilson would have received any payment for working under the scheme.

In what has got to be the STUPIDEST statements we have heard from the government yet, a senior government source told The Telegraph, “The short, sharp shock is usually enough to get the work-shy back into employment so the plan is to extend the practice, not retreat in the wake of this odd court decision.”

This goes to show how out of touch the government continue to be on the state of the nation. They live in their own bubble that is rarely penetrated by reality.

The fact is that the job market is not in a healthy state at the moment, and taking people away from looking for work in their speciality, or within their skill sets and training, is not the answer, especially when the provision of slave labour profits private business.

It makes us wonder what arrangements government have come to with private businesses, or which members of the government are receiving ‘initiatives’ from companies to provide slave labour.

With the job market being so flat, they should concentrate on offering people proper training to move sideways into other occupations.

The truth is that the government are trying to make a slave nation that will work in menial jobs for little reward. They have NO INTEREST in the wellbeing of those involved, or in developing a nation of well-skilled and well-educated individuals.

But the MOST DISTURBING part of this latest saga is that the government is totally IGNORING the judicial system when their illegal activities are exposed.

Government are required to abide by the decisions of the judiciary – not do as they please. The legal system is in place to protect everyone from exploitation – including the illegal acts of a rogue government.


The British people should no longer stand for this kind of blatant flouting of the law by those who are SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE.

This is a ROGUE GOVERNMENT who should be forced to step down!

You can help by signing the petition at Change.org or the petition at the e-petition website.


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