GOVERNMENT – Cameron still in fantasy land over NHS

NHS-Hospital-ward-007The day after the findings of the Stafford Hospital report are announced, the prime minister still fails to grasp the reality of the state of care in the UK.

In the latest extremely stupid statement, Cameron wants nurses pay linked to ‘performance’. Has he not learned the lesson that ‘targets’ and ‘performance monitoring’ have been the downfall of healthcare in the UK?

One of the main criticisms of raised in the report by Robert Francis QC was that the Mid-Staffordshire Trust had developed a culture of “cost-cutting and target-chasing” – as many other healthcare providers (both NHS and social care) are forced to under the current system.

We already have a situation where swathes of staff are employed in administration and finance just to cope with the amount of data that has to be generated to appease government target and performance reporting.

Cameron’s idiotic proposal will result in current staff taking on more pointless work, or more staff will have to be employed to data-crunch the performance of 300,000 nurses. More waste of valuable resources that could go to employing front-line staff – which is the CORE problem he refuses to address.

So he seems to think that putting trusts and nurses under MORE pressure in an environment where there are not enough staff, and where the majority of people who DO care are totally demoralised, is going to solve HIS problem.

Another wonder-brain idea is to employ a ‘chief inspector of hospitals’. No doubt Cameron has a crony in mind to take up the position, probably on an horrendously high salary – more waste of public money when there are already regulatory bodies in place that are capable of adequately monitoring healthcare provided they operate in the right culture.

Really – the stupidity of Cameron seems to know no bounds.

There are some VERY simple things that would improve the NHS:

  • Don’t treat trainee nurses as ‘students’ – get them back on the wards under the supervision of Matrons and Sisters as full-time employees (who are properly interviewed and assessed before employment) with releases to study as necessary.
  • Put some MONEY in to employ enough staff.
  • Get rid of the target driven system that pressurises everyone with no benefit.

Perhaps we should also have a system where potential government leaders are psychiatrically evaluated before being allowed to take control of the country. No doubt that would be very interesting!

From the way Cameron is acting, we can only conclude that he is either delusional, an idiot, or just really doesn’t give a damn – your choice!


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