WELFARE – The disgrace of Mrs Foster left to die with no care because of welfare cuts

charity_1799306cElderly widow, Gloria Foster, 81, died in hospital after being left for 9 days without food or water after the home nursing care was cut off – what a disgrace Cameron!

The agency contracted by the local council to supply Mrs Foster with home care was shut-down by immigration officers over allegations that the company had been employing illegal immigrants.

Mrs Foster suffered from dementia and relied on four visits a day from carers to look after her, including getting up in the morning, taking medication, and with her other vital care needs.

Severely dehydrated, with severe bed sores, and with a faint pulse, Mrs Foster was eventually discovered and taken to hospital where she eventually died of kidney failure.

In modern Britain it is a disgrace and deeply sad that a vulnerable citizen was not properly cared for in her twilight years.

Surrey County Council was responsible for replacing her care after the raid on the offices of Carefirst24 last month.

Although the council is primarily responsible for ensuring that alternative care was in place for Mrs Foster, the system where private companies provided inadequate care and operated with questionable, if not illegal practices, ultimately are a sign of how poor the welfare system is.

This is not the first time that the roles of private companies who provide homecare have come into question. In tendering for contracts, cash-strapped councils are forced to take the cheapest option, often at the expense of quality of care.

There have been prosecutions in the past where care companies are employing illegal immigrants, people with substantial criminal records, and people who are not qualified or have no experience in caring for vulnerable people. The practices of many of these companies fail to meet basic standards, and staff workload is ridiculously high, resulting in hardly any time being allocated for the proper care of the person.

When the fundamental care of our vulnerable people passed into private hands, the care system stopped being about care, and became a monetising opportunity.

Home care should not be in private hands, and should go back to the system where home care was provided by local councils with dedicated and professional staff.

Cameron and his cronies need to get their heads out of their backsides and start taking the welfare of British citizens seriously, otherwise more of our vulnerable people will be left to die alone and in agony – hardly something a ‘caring’ society could be proud of!

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