HUMAN RIGHTS – Cameron discriminates against heterosexual couples rights

cameron-crossedDuring prime minister’s questions in the House of Commons today, Cameron rejected calls to allow heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships, which would give couples similar rights to couples who choose to marry.

Traditionalist Tories demanded that the prime minister give heterosexual couples the right to enter into civil partnerships and receive the same benefits as civil partnerships for gay couples.

Christopher Chope, Conservative MP, asked Cameron the question on behalf of a growing number of MPs who are demanding that heterosexual and gay couples should have the same rights.

However, out-of-touch Cameron said it was HIS VIEW that any granting of rights to heterosexual couples would weaken the institute of marriage. He continued “…frankly I am a marriage man, I am a great supporter of marriage. I want to promote marriage, defend marriage, encourage marriage,” and “I think we should be promoting marriage rather than looking at any other way of weakening it.”


It is NOT up to him to decide how two people should decide to live together and impose HIS OWN pious religious views on others.

If a couple decide to marry it is THEIR DECISION based on their personal beliefs. Equally, if a couple choose to enter into a non-religious coupling that is also THEIR DECISION. Whichever way a couple choose, they are a couple, and should be entitled to the same rights as each other from the state.

Cameron was criticised by fellow Conservatives. Francis Maude, a Conservative MP who was responsible for a modernising campaign of the Conservative party in 2001, said that many Conservatives are slow to accept social change.

This latest bombastic rant by Cameron reinforces that he and his cabinet are totally unsuitable to govern a modern country. When the prime minister refers to two people living together as an ‘institution’ which is based on religious belief, it is indicative of little understanding of the society they are supposed to be governing.

The UK is not some kind of institutional boarding school – a place where Cameron still seems to exist judging by his immature and bullying behaviour.

He also seem to have little concept of equal human rights – although that is hardly surprising considering the number of human rights abuses his government have been responsible for around the world.

Cameron is a CLOWN – an epitome of the WORST kind of ‘leadership’ the UK could possibly have.

We find him such a disgusting slime ball excuse for a human being that we can’t bear to include a picture of him in this post.

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