GOVERNMENT – Clown King Cameron fails and breaks yet another promise to the people

energy-meterIn what is becoming something of a very regular occurrence recently, Cameron and his troop of monkeys have broken yet another promise to the British people over energy company control.

In October of last year, Cameron promised that laws would be introduced to force energy companies to offer their lowest tariff to customers.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is expected to announce that any legislation will require energy companies to offer just four tariffs and inform customers which tariff is most suitable for them.

After announcing the plan to regulate power companies, Cameron diluted his proposals after criticism from energy companies and his own ministers.

The legislation is going to be useless unless the energy companies are going to be prosecuted for infringements. To date, the energy watchdog Ofgem has had no impact at all in how energy suppliers profiteer, and they will continue in the same way unless the new Energy Bill gives them a substantial legal framework to work from, and which they will be required to implement.

The energy companies need to be kept on a tight leash, and their exploitation of the general public is something that needs to be addressed with a very strong hand.

As for the government, it is the same old story.

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