FREEDOM – Is freedom an illusion?

FREEDOM_by_amitrichardIt is something we think we have, it is something that is referred to in the media, and something that many protest about.

Freedom is a concept that has been debated time and time again, and something that many say they have fought for, some winning their particular victory, some losing what little perception of freedom they had in the first place.

But what is freedom, and how do we know we have it or not?

People living in the Western world generally consider themselves to be free. Free to travel, express themselves, and live their lives as they want to within the law of the land.

Oxford English Dictionary Definition of freedom

  • the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
  • absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
  • the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.
  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
  • the state of being unrestricted and able to move easily.
  • unrestricted use of something.

Even in the most liberal of societies there are rules. Without laws and certain expectations of social compliance and leaders to impose them, society could not exist – it would be a chaotic mess – or so we are told.

  • We have freedom of speech in every country in the world – within certain provisos.
  • We are free to go where we want – within certain restrictions.
  • We are free to act as we like – provided it complies with the law.
  • We are free to think anything – as long as we don’t express radical ideas.

Freedom is a relative illusion wherever you live in the world.

The freedom people have is dictated by their controllers, whether that is government, or a dictatorship. Even within daily life, there are others who control what people do, say, and where they can go. Anyone working for a company is expected to comply with certain rules or procedures. People in relationships, whether romantic, friendships, or as part of a family, are expected to behave in certain ways or face rejection.

We all live in ‘systems’ that influence what we do and don’t do, so none of us are truly free as freedom is defined.

Freedom comes from our perceptions. We may have grown up in what others consider to be an oppressive regime, but if we have never experienced or heard of any other way then we may think we are experiencing freedom.

Freedom as we experience it is dictated within a range of permitted choices within whatever society we live in. Being social animals, we will relinquish certain rights to some freedoms to remain part of that society, sometimes this means that we relinquish freedoms that we know we should be allowed to practice. We compromise.

The controllers of our societies attempt to control our freedoms. This can range from the implementation of law in more liberal societies, to severely brutal enforcement of restrictions in oppressive societies.

The problem with the freedom we experience is that it is not a naturally evolving thing. It is an artificial freedom based on the will and actions of those in power. Even in a society that is considered democratic, those in power will impose their own views and wishes on the population under the guise of it being for the greater good.

Is it possible to experience true freedom?

There is no reason why we can’t other than the restrictions humanity places on itself. To enable the experience of true freedom would take the whole (or at least a vast majority) of humanity to realise what true freedom is. This could be a difficult task because true freedom could be difficult for many to comprehend having existed in an illusionary freedom all their lives.

True freedom would have to apply to every member of humanity through mutual respect for humanity as a whole. It would mean that everyone would have the freedom to express themselves as they wish, and equally, other members of humanity would have to accept that every other member has the right to express themselves as they wish. This doesn’t mean that everything someone says or the way they express it has to be accepted by everyone. Just that everyone has the right to express themselves, be listened to, and for other members of humanity to listen to what they say with open minds.

Freedom could be enabled through one simple ‘rule’ or ‘moral’:

Everyone has the right to say and do as they wish provided it does not harm another.’

That would be the only restraint on freedom that would enable members of humanity to be free, and ensure that other members of humanity are protected from malicious intent (if any existed).

It would take time for true freedom to become a reality as more people become used to the idea of not having their lives dictated by a controlling force. Then we would experience true evolution as a species, and the development of true potential.

There would be those who may not be able to cope with such a concept, or find it hard to break the ingrained habits they have developed and the effects of brainwashing by society. Over time, they would either find their way or fade into obscurity, and the illusionary concepts they have would become obsolete, because they would no longer apply or have any value in a modern world.

True freedom would enable people to follow their true conscience, and there would be no more conflict between what they truly feel deep inside themselves and what the society they live in tells them they should do. Guilt would become a primitive emotion which would gradually fade from the mix of human emotions.

People would experience being part of humanity as a whole, not a reject or insignificant pawn in someone else’s game.

Society would become a free-thinking entity, with each member feeling part of, and contributing to, the wider concept of what humanity really is. The learning process of human potential would be a mutual experience in which everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

It would be impossible for manipulation, greed, or the seeking of power to exist, because there would be no benefit for any member of a truly free society in seeking to use such tactics – they would be outcast and shunned.

Wouldn’t humans need leadership?

The concept of leadership applies in the world as it is because of the way humanity has been programmed into relying on leadership to show it ‘the way’. This inevitably has attracted those with ulterior motives and self-interest to seek power over others, because there is an advantage for them to do so.

In most of the world, leadership is based on power and ego.

True leadership comes from those with knowledge of true humanity and worldly experience who do not tell people what to do, but help others to find their own answers to their questions. Instead of ‘leaders’ humanity needs ‘guides’.

This is why in ancient times, elders were considered to be ‘wise men’ who had experienced the world around them and had found their own answers to important questions in life. When a member of society asked a question, the elder would not provide an answer, but would assist the person in finding their own answers based on the person’s inner feelings. Elders would tell stories to illustrate a concept or relay an experience they had, and it would be up to the listeners to interpret it in their own way, based on their inner, deepest, feelings. And so generation after generation gradually became enlightened and humanity evolves.

In the modern world, other people’s opinions and theories are forced on to the population through indoctrination in some form or another. Whether it be a politician saying ‘we must…’ the use of mass-media being used to tell people what someone else wants them to know, or teaching in the education system. This is not leadership, and neither is it true learning.

Although the current education system is good for teaching core skills in a modern world, it does little to develop a truly open mind, and is plagued by prejudice and indoctrination.

Many people are bombarded with things every day that really don’t matter in the real world. This distracts them from taking time to think for themselves, to develop as members of humanity, or discover possibilities in the world, other than what they are told.

Inevitably, the modern method of leadership (which is based on centuries of control and indoctrination) makes people rely on being told what to do and what to think – hardly any kind of true leadership takes place at all. Even when people express an alternative or opposing opinion, often ‘leaders’ will ignore them and go in their own direction for their own purposes.

Would people be lost in a free world?

Every member of humanity knows deep inside that they belong to something much bigger than the world they perceive as reality. Sometimes people will get this feeling and do something about it, try to discover what it is. Other times, people will try to distract themselves from it or try to ignore it completely.

The outcome is that through not listening to their deepest, innermost feelings they become disillusioned, guilty, confused, and frustrated. Some people feel as though they do not belong in the world as it is.

These feelings are highly damaging to the person, and sometime to those around them. The person can never be truly happy, and often this will manifest itself as some kind of behaviour that society deems to be problematic.

We see many younger people who are disillusioned with the world because they have trouble finding where they belong, and so they will manufacture some kind of fantasy world for themselves in which to exist. This could be by becoming introverted and shutting themselves off from society, or it could manifest itself as violent or disruptive behaviour, which may include others who feel the same. Often they are prayed on by others who will manipulate the younger person’s vulnerability for their own means.

The young person engaging in this sort of ‘antisocial’ behaviour often knows that what they are doing is contrary to the deep feelings they have, but gets caught up in a cycle of illusion that they find difficult to find a way out of. They become trapped whichever way they try to turn.

If they were allowed to find who they really are with the support and guidance of true leaders, they would know much more about humanity and how they are part of it. They need their freedom to explore in an environment where they will not be judged, where they are able to make sense of the deep and very real feelings they have.

Often, people who have had difficulties in younger life reach a stage of realisation through their own experiences, while others will continue their ‘antisocial’ behaviour far into adulthood.

In the population as a whole, depression, anxiety, stress and sadness are all signs that something in the person’s life is not right. These emotional responses are exactly that – responses. They do not happen for no reason.

There is a conflict, sometimes a feeling of injustice or being manipulated, that the person does not know how to deal with. Again, the person feels trapped, often resulting in feelings of frustration that the world is not as it should be. They feel unable to find the ‘right path’ because society is dictatorial rather than nurturing.

If we had true freedom, nearly all of the problems of conflict, violence, and manipulation would simply not exist. There would be no place for them in a world where people were truly free, and where people are respected and respect others. There would be no place for them in a world where everyone understood how important each person’s role is in humanity.

As with all human achievements, the pursuit of true freedom and furthering human evolution starts somewhere.

In today’s society, people are beginning to wake up to how wrong the world is, and how manipulated we are by those who are currently controlling how the world works.

There are movements all over the world who are spreading the word about humanity and how we must change or become more enslaved by those who have their own interests at heart. We are economic slaves, mere workers for the few. That must change.

Everyone has a responsibility to pursue the true freedom of humanity, and every little action towards what is right ripples through the world, gaining momentum as more and more people start to awaken.

If you have not started your journey of discovery – of what true freedom is – then it is time to start now.


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