FREEDOM – Get involved. Online activism at 38Degrees and AVAAZ

38avYou may not have heard of them, but 38Degrees and AVAAZ are leading the way in providing people who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to get out and about to support the causes they care about to have a real voice.

With around a million members for 38Degrees and around 18 million for AVAAZ, these are serious campaigning organisations that make a real impact.

38Degrees is a UK based organisation, campaigning for causes ranging from NHS service closures to saving bees, and a whole range of topics of interest to the British public.

But 38Degrees is not a tiger without teeth. Recently, they were heavily involved in reversing the government decision to sell off England’s forests, with over 500,000 people signing a petition.

Getting involved with a campaign is very easy. Each year 38Degree members decide on the campaigns that are a priority and set up various ways for people to get involved. This can be as simple as signing an online petition, or if you feel more inclined to be active, you can become involved in local and national lobbying or protests. This is a great way to really let your voice be heard and make a real difference.

No cash is involved unless you want to make a donation to a particular cause, and you don’t have to ‘sign-up’ and reveal lots of personal information. If you choose to sign a petition, then you will need to provide your name and email address. We have supported causes through the 38Degrees system and found it very easy to do.

AVAAZ is different with an international focus. In a similar way to 38Degrees, AVAAZ polls its membership each year to find out what the community thinks are campaign priorities. AVAAZ then sets up campaigns for people to become involved with by signing petitions. AVVAZ also sets up protests and other ‘real world’ activities for their causes, and provides financial or material support to local organisations supporting the cause.

AVAAZ also has a ‘Start Your Own Petition’ section where members can set up a petition for whatever interests them. The AVAAZ website then gives information on how to run the petition.

We found the AVAAZ website a bit messy, and the campaigns seemed to be a bit narrow in their focus. But you never know, there may be something of personal interest to you.

So now you have two more options to easily get involved and make a REAL difference to the things you care about. If a few keyboard taps and the click of a mouse isn’t easy enough for you, then it is time to think about what you really care about!

38Degrees website

AVAAZ website


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