HEALTH – Potentially dangerous virus gene found in genetically modified foods

GMO1The European Food Safety Agency has discovered that genetically modified products that have received EFSA approval for more than 20 years, contain a viral gene called ‘Gene 6’.

There are clear indications that Gene 6 is probably not safe for human consumption, and disturbs the crops natural resistance to pests.

Many viral genes work to disable the host’s defences against disease, so incorporating these genes anywhere in the human food chain could have unpredictable and undesirable consequences.

Viruses that infect plants are often similar to those that infect humans.

Products sold in many parts of the world are genetically modified. Even in areas where GMO crops and foods are banned, there is a risk that somewhere in the supply chain GMO ingredients are used, as animal feed for example.

Viral genes have four known functions within the infection cycle. The first is to help assemble the virus particles, the second is to suppress the host’s immune system, the third is the production of various and unknown proteins, and the fourth is to make plants highly susceptible to bacteria.

The effects of introducing something into out food that has the potential to change the basic functioning of our bodies is extremely dangerous. Imagine what would happen if our bodies could no longer defend themselves against things such as the common cold, or scratches and cuts.

Genetically modified foods have been the subject of much discussion and speculation since they were first conceived, and altering the genetic structure of any organism is bound to have unknown results. These results may not show for a generation or two, but by continually consuming genetically modified ingredients, the build up of adverse effects will be accelerated year on year.

Many of the alleged benefits of genetically modified foods have yet to stand the test of time. In some countries ANY product that contains genetically modified ingredients are banned. In 2012, Kenya passed very strict legislation concerning the import and sale of anything that contained genetically modified ingredients in any part of the food chain.

The main producer of genetically modified seeds is argri-giant Monsanto. The company supplies nearly every country in the world with various products, from seeds, to meats and processed foods.

This is big business, and in the United States, regulations concerning the production and labelling of genetically modified products is not considered a priority by politicians, which is hardly surprising when many of the ‘advisers’ to government departments and officials are former Monsanto employees, and many of the politicians business interests could eventually lead to the highly profitable agri-market.

Science has it’s place, but when it is used for the commercialisation of our basic resources such as food and water, we have to be suspicious of the companies that make billions of dollars from our consumption.

For more in-depth information on Genetically modified foods and Gene 6, visit the Institute of Science in Society



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