UK – Apathetic nation

Know the system

There was a time when the people of the UK stood up for what they believed in, and what they believed was right for the rest of society and not just themselves. Not anymore.

The people of Britain have gradually been programmed not to respond – not to take action against the injustices of the society in which they live.

Unions have become tigers without teeth, having hardly any impact on the injustices metered out by the government to the working populations. They have become ‘negotiators’ rather than organisations that take real action. They are weak and feeble, merely expressing dissent than forcing the government to take action to rectify wrongs. They have become corporate patsies who wilt at the sign of any real negotiation or conflict with employers.

The fear of being ‘politically incorrect’ has ensured that intelligent and informed conversations among individuals have become rare, especially among the generation which started to explore life from the mid-1080s onwards, and who are now adults.

Alternative and radical views are seen as a threat rather than something to be considered and understood or to expand knowledge. If someone expresses an opinion that is just a bit different from the ‘norm’, people cringe and try to get away for fear of being associated with such rebellion.

Politics is a joke. The Labour party used to stand for justice for the working class and equal rights for all. Now they are a watered down version of the Conservative opposition – a combination of the most hypocritical kind. Conservatives continue to attempt the manipulation of the massed for the benefit of the wealthy – something which has not changed too much, except for the level of corruption and deceit they are allowed to get away with. As for the Liberal party, they just seem to go along with whatever is happening at the time – they prefer to be the ‘grey’ area that no one quite understands.

The young are in an education system in which they are told they are achieving meaningful knowledge and skills. The reality is that education has gradually been dumbed down, and the possession of a ‘certificate’ hides the fact that free thought, analytical thinking, and common sense are no longer desirable qualities in modern Britain.

In a country where friends are considered to be in the virtual world, and people aspire to the impossible, it is no wonder that there is confusion and apathy among the general population.

The British people have lost their way, and no longer have the skills to really stand up for what is right, or what they truly believe in – if they even know what that is anymore. They exist in a media fed illusion where they are manipulated for the greater good of those in power, and many don’t realise it is happening.

It is time for the people of Britain to wake up, shake off the apathy and selfishness, and really DO something to change the world they live in. If they don’t, they only have themselves to blame when they realise they have been conned. It is no good moaning when the damage has already been done.

There are exceptions. They are the ones who are the true leaders, and the ones who will be able to tell children in the future that they did something to try and stop the world becoming a prison.


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