ENVIRONMENT – UK government will not sell off forests

forestIn another no-brainer, the government has decided that it is not a good idea to sell of the nation’s forests.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to make a fast buck, the initial proposal was to sell the forests to private companies. However, the government quickly back-tracked when they came under attack from all political and social sides, and instead stated that the forests would be leased, with conditions that public access be maintained.

With only 18% of forests publically owned, there is precious little space left for the general population to truly experience nature.

Having been subjected to harsh criticism, the government have now decided that they will not sell of the remaining forests, and will set up a new independent body to own and maintain them.

Environment secretary said “The new body will have greater independence from Government and greater freedom to manage its resources and maximise its income but with the right safeguards in place to operate for the long-term benefit of people, nature and the economy,”

Now, looking at that statement it seems that the government have found an alternative and more devious way to make money out of the national asset. Whenever a politician says “maximise its income” there are sure to be some of their cronies in the background ready to pounce and make some ready cash – usually at the expense of everyone else.

A spokesman for the Woodland Trust said “We need urgent clarification on the government’s plans on the future of forest services,” – too right we do!

The government’s decision came after the publication of a final report by the Independent Panel on Forestry, which was established in March 2011 to advise government on the future direction of forestry and woodland policy in England.

Of course, the government could not make a common sense decision, and had to set up yet another quango under the guise of being independent, so that the panel members could go on joy trips around the country looking at lovely scenery.

We wonder how much that cost the taxpayer!

No doubt we will hear of some scheme in the not too distant future that will cost the general public more of their precious little cash.


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