ISRAEL – Boycotts Human Rights Council to avoid questions about war crimes.

I am jewish and I want Israel to stop killing patestiniansThe four yearly review by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where member states human rights records are scrutinised has been boycotted by Israel.

In an unprecedented move by the Council, the review has been suspended while they ponder their response. The only other time a member state has not attended was in 2010 when Haiti representatives could not attend because of the devastating earthquake that hit the country.

Israel claimed that the decision of the council last year to investigate Jewish settlements in the West Bank angered the Zionist government, and they announced that they would no longer cooperate with the Council.

Israel’s foreign minister, Yigai Palmor told the Financial Times on Tuesday “After a series of votes and statements and incidents we have decided to suspend our working relations with that body,”

Attendance at the reviews is mandatory for all member states, and no other member nation has refused to attend with no good grounds. Even North Korea and Syria have attended.

Human rights organisations have indicated that Israel’s failure to attend could be a tactic to avoid awkward questions about it’s actions and human rights violations against Palestinians, and could set a precedent for other countries who do not want to face questions about human rights abuses.

The Zionist regime in Israel will continue to do as it pleases, and will ignore international pressure and criticism while it still has the backing of the United States. They have no interest in human rights and are only interested in furthering their own Zionist agenda.

Within Israel, there is strong criticism of the government’s dogmatism in the genocidal practices it prefers over diplomacy. Members of the Israeli Defence Force have gone on camera and described the violations that take place in the West Bank on a daily basis.

In an interview in 2010, Colonel (Res.) Yoel Piterberg, former leader of a Black Hawk helicopter squadron said:

“In Poland there was a city named Warsaw. In Warsaw, the Nazis created a ghetto, and they put all the Jews inside this ghetto.

Which sometime when I flew around places in the West Bank, especially in Gaza strip, it reminded me of the situation of the Jews in the ghetto.

Those guys in the ghetto in Warsaw in a very, very bad situation, they lost everything and they died there in their thousands on the streets. They only wanted to kill the Germans and to fight for their honour.

The Germans saw those warriors, the Jews that fought against them, and they called them ‘terrorists’. For the Germans, they were not human beings, they were terrorists, animals, with no heart, with nothing, because they were willing to blow themselves up inside German [groups of] German troops.

The analogy [between the Warsaw ghetto, and the Gaza strip] is very clear here”

Search Youtube, and you will find many stories of specific atrocities that young Israeli soldiers have been forced to be part of.

The international community needs to put Israel in it’s place and start protecting the Palestinian people. Israel has been allowed to get away with genocide and abuse of human rights for far too long. Other countries (particularly through United States initiatives)  have been invaded or had UN peace keeping forces imposed on them for less.

The Zionists must be controlled before it is too late and their warmongering gets any more out of hand.

The video featuring Col. Piterberg and others speaking out:

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