POLAND – War criminal Blair given award by Polish businessmen for allowing Poles into the UK

tony-blairAt the annual ‘Polish Business Leader’s Awards in Warsaw’, Blair was given the organisation’s ‘Special Prize’ for opening the British labour market to Poland in 2004.

Blair didn’t get the prize all to himself, and shared the honour with two Polish nationals, former deputy prime minister Janusz Steinhoff and former defence minister Janusz Onyszkiewicz.

Although Blair wasn’t at the ceremony himself, he sent a video message and the award was collected by the British ambassador to Poland, Robin Barnett.

As well as opening Britain’s borders to Poland, Blair was also thanked for his efforts in helping Poland to join the EU.

However, Blair’s open borders policy came under criticism at the time, and has continued to be criticised since.

The current Labour leader, Ed Millband has admitted that Labour “got it wrong” by allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to enter Britain. Initially, Ministers claimed that they thought foreigners entering Britain would be in the region of 15,000 annually – a gross underestimation.

One of the outcomes of Labour’s open door policy Is that there are nearly 50,000 children who live abroad whose parents receive child benefits and tax credits, even though their children have never set foot in Britain.

As we would expect of Blair, he continues to defend the idiotic policies he introduced when he was prime minister, even in the face of FACTS that show how incompetent he was. And he just can’t get enough – popping up in parliament, trying to get his sticky fingers into as many pies as possible.

We just can’t see how any reasonable thinking nation would give such an award to a war criminal, especially when they have proven themselves to be self-fulfilling nepotistic, slimy manipulator.

And we would like to ask, what the hell is the British ambassador doing collecting the award on Blair’s behalf? Blair is no longer a member of government, and no doubt it will be sent to him by special delivery or courier, which the tax payer will foot the bill for!

How Blair manages to wheedle his way around the world never ceases to amaze us.


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