UK – Immoral government to waste £32 BILLION while cutting £10 billion (and more) from welfare

hs2In what is fast becoming one of the most ridiculous and immoral acts of the current UK government, they are about to waste £32 BILLION on a rail link that isn’t needed, while making the poor pay through welfare cuts.

As with many other government projects, we can be sure that the cost will increase significantly before the project is finished.

It beggars belief that in a time of supposed economic difficulty a government would consider wasting such an obscene amount of money on something that is not necessary, while at the same time cutting off funds to support the less fortunate in our society.

The government have got their priorities very, very wrong.

Millions of UK citizens are facing real hardship through cuts imposed by government. They were told the cuts were necessary because of the state of the economy, and the need to reduce expenditure on supposed major expenses such as welfare. As is usual nowadays THEY WERE LIED TO!

Although the transport system in the UK may not be perfect, it is adequate and services the needs of the population, and will continue to be adequate for many years to come. The HS2 rail link is not needed – certainly not when there are more important areas in which £32 billion could be spent.

At the very least, the government should have put the HS2 project on the back-burner and concentrated attention on ensuring citizens fundamental welfare is taken care of before embarking on luxury projects.

As the HS2 project was announced, cracks have already begun to show. The High Court is considering whether the project is legally flawed – ridiculous considering the time the project has been in the planning stage. There is intense opposition from members across the political spectrum, including the government’s own members.

With swathes of the countryside potentially being ripped apart, the government are already facing threats of citizens opposing planning applications, further increasing the cost of building the rail link.

BUT WAIT!! Didn’t the government recently give itself powers to over-rule local council decisions on planning applications!

To be realistic, is this whole situation really that surprising? We have a government that wastes between £80 billion and £100 billion a year on things that only serve the interests of their own cronies, and punish the less able and vulnerable of society in the process.

If the government were truly representative of the people, the first priority would be citizen welfare, and anything else would be secondary. As usual, the government take no notice of the people who matter.

This squandering of public money is a disgraceful act.


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