MIDDLE EAST – Could Jordan be the next country to be invaded by Western forces?

jordanViolent clashes erupted between police and protesters on Thursday in the Jordanian provinces of Irbid and Balqa. Protesters accuse Jordan’s Independent Electoral Commission of vote rigging.

During the clashes, protesters stormed schools and banks and government buildings were set on fire. Police used tear gas to subdue the protests.

The general elections were boycotted by the Muslim Brotherhood along with other pro-reform groups. They accuse King Abdulla II of not making significant enough reforms to put an end to corruption and to allow the election of the prime minister by popular vote.

The Jordanian King dissolved parliament in October 2012, and sacked three Prime Ministers in an attempt to appease the protesters.

There were also protests in the southern cities of Karak and Madaba.

With the recent unrest in the Middle-East, there is a danger that the protests could escalate into a much more serious conflict, such as that in Syria. No doubt, the USA and UK will see such the development of conflict in Jordan as an opportunity to become militarily involved.


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