GOVERNMENT – Soldiers have redundancy payments CUT by 75%

OP MoshtarakMen and women who have made sacrifices to serve the UK government in the misguided belief that they would be looked after when they retire, have has their redundancy payments cut by as much as 75%.

After serving on the front line, and experiencing the most horrible things, they are repaid by the Ministry of Defence and the government by being ripped-off when their services are no longer required.

David Marsh, pensions secretary at The Forces Pension Society said “It is outrageous, people made life decisions based on payments which have not been forthcoming. They feel angry and betrayed, yet we have not received any answers from the Ministry of Defence.”

The Ministry of Defence has failed these soldiers to save money, coming up with excuses, including ‘alleged’ mistakes in calculations, and blaming the soldiers for expecting too much.

It is outrageous that people who have been committed to their country and government, who have done as they are told when they are told, should be treated in this way.

Read the full article on The Telegraph website


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