LAW – Hackers get prison while MPs child sex pervert son remains free

crown court01British ‘justice’ seems to have strange priorities when it comes to sentencing the guilty.

At Southwark Crown Court, two men have been jailed and another given a suspended sentence for attacking the servers of PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard as a protest against the companies refusal to accept payments for Wikileaks. One was sentenced to 18 month, another to 7 months, and the other received a suspended sentence of six months.

At Warwick Crown Court, Nicholas Beaumont-Dark, the son of former Conservative MP Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark, was given a suspended sentence for 12 months and will be on the sex offenders register for 10 years. Beaumont-Dark was convicted on eight charges of downloading and distributing 393 indecent images (including videos) of children through a file sharing network of known paedophiles. Some of the files showed six-month old babies being abused.

Where is the justice?

The hackers were making a protest under the ‘Anonymous’ organisation’s name. In fact, they never really hacked the severs by infiltrated the companies systems, they flooded the servers with internet requests (a DDoS attack) which brings the companies servers to a temporary standstill. The companies brought this attack onto themselves by refusing to support free speech against governments.

In the case of Beaumont-Dark, he purposely contributed to the sexual abuse of babies and young children, and took pleasure from it. The married father of 3 and former stockbroker shared his sick interest with other paedophiles, purposely promoting the idea that sex with babies and children is an acceptable practice.

So perhaps flooding a company’s servers to temporarily cripple them is not a really a good way to make a protest, but we think that the sentences handed out were disproportionate. In the case of pervert Beaumont-Dark we think his sentence is absolutely ridiculous, and goes to show how the ‘old-boys’ network works to protect it’s own.

The leniency shown to Beaumont-Dark is even more incredible when we consider Operation Fernbridge is investigating child sex offences of Conservative MPs and others during the 1980s, a time when Beaumont-Dark would have been moving in such circles through his father’s contacts and in his position as a stockbroker.

Justice has certainly not been served!


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