UK – Yet another STUPID statement from an idiot in government

sourbyThere seems to be no end to the idiocy in the current UK government, in particular members of the Conservative party.

In the latest ridiculous statement, Anne Soubry, the Public Health Minister said “When I walk around my constituency you can almost tell somebody’s background by their weight. Obviously not everybody who is overweight comes from a deprived background but that is where the propensity lies.”

This statement is further proof that the government is SO out of touch with the real world it is frightening. Perhaps she should take a closer look at her fellow members of parliament, of parliament, or take a little trip to the House of Lords. Perhaps her delusional belief is that there is a difference between the rich being ‘portly’ and the poor being ‘obese’.

Soubry made the statement as she addressed members of a food industry conference. In between very weak ‘requests’ that the food industry reduce fats, salt and sugar in their products, she placed responsibility for child obesity with parents, stating that a third of children leaving primary school are overweight.

As seems to be usual in the current ‘passing the buck’ trend of the government, Soubry failed to make any reference to government policies which enable food companies to make more profit by failing to produce ‘real’ food. She failed to address the way society has become ‘individualised’ where people will spend more time in their homes in front of a screen rather than engaging in community activities. She failed to address the issues of farming, which can only be profitable and affordable by messing about with chemical agents to sustain product shelf-life. She failed to address the chemicals in our water systems that contribute to changes in metabolism. She also failed to address the issues of stress in society, which is a big contributor to weight problems.

An awful lot of government responsibility was ignored by blaming and stigmatising the poor in society, while the government is more than happy to take the tax contribution from sales of the ‘offending’ foods.

Of course we are all responsible for what we eat and what we do, and so do the government because it is they who shape the society in which we live.

Time after time the government attack the poor and vulnerable of society – some of the very people who have allowed them to be employed in their very lucrative positions.

Members of the government have no respect for the citizens of the UK, and this is demonstrated over and over with each ridiculous statement and policy they make.

How on earth can we consider these people to be educated when they seem to have no common sense whatsoever – they are morons and deserve to be treated as such. It is there job to make our society a better place to live in, not to bully and punish people who are suffering because of their fantasy view of the world.


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