ENVIRONMENT – Cow fart madness in Germany

cowIt seems that the poor cows in Germany are coming under scrutiny from the Federal Environment Agency in Germany.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Walt, Jochen Flasbarth, the agency’s President, said he wants famers to take responsibility for changing the amount of methane produced by the farts of cows.

“Cattle contribute greatly to high methane emissions that cause a lot of climate damage,” Flasbarth said “In the medium term we could at least include the large livestock farmers in the emissions trading system,” which means that farmers would have to buy ‘pollution credits’ relative to the size of their farm.

“We make the mistake of raising cattle indoors and importing their feed from overseas.” So by changing feed and keeping them outdoors, instead of in stables, industrial farmers could reduce cow farts.

We think the cows would be happier in a field too, and would probably be grateful of a bit of fresh air!

It never ceases to amaze what governments will come up with to make money.


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