UK – Governments al-Qaeda double-game criticised by George Galloway

George Galloway, Respect party MP for Bradford WestIn an interview with Press TV, George Galloway criticised the UK government’s double standards concerning al-Qaeda.

He said “We’re supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, but bombing people in Mali because we say the rebels there are al-Qaeda. This is madness! This is a kind of insanity! Only a fool could believe this story surely,”

He went on to say that the UK government justifies bombing militant groups in some areas, while using the same groups to “cause carnage in different countries, mainly Syria or Libya before it.”

According to the Press TV report, Cameron has raised concerns about the cost of British lives in Algeria, which represents more double standards, as at the same time he and his French allies are killing innocent Malians for the alleged “greater good” under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The Respect Party (which Galloway is a representative of), is highly critical of Britain and France concerning their intervention in Mali:

‘The French government (with British logistical support – though the planes keep breaking down) has launched a military adventure in the former French colony of Mali. As with all the Western interventions of the last decade, this will destabilize the region and lead to greater conflict rather than less. It must be opposed in the strongest terms.

Mali has been subject to ‘Western help’ for the past 20 years and has imploded largely as a result of it. French intervention is to support a military government mired in corruption and every bit as brutal in its torture and murder as those being bombed. The rebels being bombed were given their battle training and weaponry in Libya by the very Western forces now seeking to crush them.

The British government is behaving shamefully in offering support in this dangerous adventure. There has been no public discussion or Parliamentary vote on British involvement. Instead, the British military are being dragged into an ethnic conflict that reaches back to the appalling mess made in Libya in 2011.’

More information on the Respect Party’s website


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