UK – Wake up people and get the corrupt politicians OUT of government

Houses of Parliament, Westminster, LondonUnless you are totally brain dead or asleep (or a sheep) you cannot fail to have noticed the injustices and inhumane policies of the current government – let alone the filthy and disgusting attitudes and actions of their cohorts.

Time and time again they do as they please and make sure they and their kind are looked after at the expense of the rest of the population.

While they waste BILLIONS of pounds, they implement policies which make the poor poorer, and the vulnerable scapegoats.

They close ranks and protect each other from scandal, and when a scandal does break it is quickly quashed and the public’s attention diverted to trivial matters.

They lie, they cheat, they steal from the taxpayer, and they make damn sure their futures are secure whatever the economic situation may become.

The Conservatives know they are not going to be re-elected in 2015, so they will make sure they make the most out of the next two and a half years to line their own pockets.

How on earth can any member of our society with a conscience remotely think that the current government is fit and proper to hold office?

They have no interest in what is ‘right’ or of benefit to the citizens of the UK, and they certainly don’t give a damn about humanity as a whole considering their warmongering actions and alliances of recent times.

They certainly don’t give a damn about YOU – whoever and wherever you are.

Apart from Blair (who is and always was a Conservative anyway) this government consists of some of the most disgusting, selfish, and deceitful politicians the UK has seen for a long time.

As regular readers know, we do not take political sides, and have no political affiliations, but what we do know is what is right and fair, and what is wrong and manipulative.

The government should be dissolved and a new election called immediately.


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