UK – Criminal investigation into child sex abuse by pervert Tory MPs

cameron-davidThe Metropolitan Police have launched Operation Fernbridge to investigate the involvement of Conservative MPs in a child sex ring during the 1980s.

The investigations were prompted by a question Labour MP Tom Watson asked at Prime Ministers Questions – whether evidence linking Tory MPs to a child sex ring would be investigated and those involved brought to justice.

After initial investigations and secret operations, the Metropolitan Police said they have reached the stage where a full criminal investigation can take place.

The investigation will be centred on the historic sexual abuse of children at the Elm Guest House, in South-West London, where residents of a nearby care home allege they were sexually assaulted at the guest house by prominent individuals, including Tory MPs.

It is also claimed that the Tory MPs used their contacts to escape justice and develop a cover-up concerning activities at the guest house and other locations.

This could prove a serious embarrassment for the current government. Several prominent members of the Conservative party who were active in government in the 1980s are still prominent members of the party today. Their role in, and knowledge of, the sexual abuse of children by their colleagues must come into question by the investigation.

In recent times, there have been allegations against prominent politicians, and those closely associated with politics (primarily from the conservative party), and these must also be investigated by the Operation Fernbridge team, regardless of the claims and attempted cover-ups that have (and still are) rife throughout this corrupt government.

At the very least, there are serving members of government that will have knowledge of the abuse of children by Tory MPs. It remains to be seen if they will continue to be protected, or if they will be unbiasedly investigated, and prosecuted where necessary.

This government needs a massive kick in the backside, and should be investigated from top to bottom, receiving the full weight of the law and incurring maximum sentences where they have been shown to be involved in such disgusting and depraved activities.

The abuse of such power should not only carry maximum sentences law will allow, but those who are found guilty should have all of their assets seized and re-distributed into the welfare system, so they cannot benefit from their ill-gotten gains.

We have known what they have been doing for a long time, but they have used their connections and power to stop any investigations into their depraved activities. Now their time has come.

Read the article concerning the investigation on The Independent’s website.


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