UK – The National Lottery rip-off using drug dealing tactics

lotteryThe UKs lottery provider, Camelot, have announced that the cost of playing the main lotto game will double from £1 to £2, the first rise in the cost of playing the game since the National Lottery was introduced in 1994.

However, the total prize fund will not increase by a proportionate amount, and most prizes will be reduced.

Matched numbers Old prize New prize Difference
3 £10 £25 +£15
4 £60 £100 +£40
5 £1500 £1000 -£500
5 + bonus ball £100,000 £50,000 -£50,000


By calculating the average winners for each of the matched number groups, the total prize fund will decrease! So players will be paying DOUBLE the entry price for LESS of a prize fund to share

Research by Camelot suggests that players want more ways to win more money from the game. So how did they come up with the ridiculous notion that people will pay DOUBLE for LESS of a prize fund.

Camelot always has been and always will be a covert government quango. They have a monopoly on the state lottery, and can do as they want.

Of course the government will benefit. Doubling the price of a lottery line will double their 12% tax revenue, which could be in the region of £1.8 billion per year.

Then there are the ‘good causes’ that the lottery is supposed to support. Only 28% of lottery revenue is given to good causes. But if you take a look at the good causes the lottery supports, you may well think that the government should be funding them.

The government know people are going to play the lottery; they have adjusted laws and actively encouraged people to gamble knowing that the poor in society will struggle to buy a ticket in the hope of getting out of the economic abortion that the government have created.

The government create addicts, and then exploit them – no different to drug pushers.


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