UK – Moronic MP Christopher Chope calls catering staff ‘servants’

chopeIn another show of how the government really perceive the people of the UK, MP Christopher Chope referred to catering staff in the House of Commons as ‘servants’, moments after stating that businesses in the UK should have the right to ‘opt-out’ of the minimum wage.

Chope represents a safe Conservative seat in Christchurch, Dorset.

This moronic attitude is typical of how the government is treating citizens of the UK at the moment, demonstrating that their core purpose of separating the rich and poor is still very much alive.

Obviously Chope likes the idea of ‘Master and servant’ judging by both of his comments during a questions session to the House of Commons Commission, which manages services and administration for MPs.

How in earth the British people can allow this to go on is beyond us. All we can see is a downtrodden nation that is becoming more downtrodden with each day that passes, and those in power don’t seem to give a damn about who knows it.

What can be expected of a government who is largely made up of public schoolboys and their insular and immature views of the world, who think that governing a country is some kind of debating society game.


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