OPINION – The empire has had its day

IlluminatiOut-dated and bloated systems based on wealth and control must give way to a new dawn in human evolution.

The feudal system we live under is not fit for a modern world, and only serves to divert and prevent humanity from moving into a new age.

Tribal systems, economic systems, power and corruption are all concepts that hang-over from the past. Violence and anger do nothing but destroy those who participate in them, and everything around them.

Over the past 30 years or so, humanity has taken a step back to the dark ages, purposely manufactured by those who have clung on to power and greed for nothing more than their own purposes, and the rest of the population are destined to a life of economic slavery.

The population is mis-informed and ill-informed, and they accept it as a dog is grateful for a bone when it is hungry. They accept what they are told is the truth, mostly without question, and mostly without dissenting action for fear of what may come of it, and the fear of losing what they are told they should have.

The population has been trained by their masters not to talk to each other, not to touch each other, and not to think too deeply, to do so will have frightening consequences. And so they become blind to the world around them unless it fits the version they are told they must hold in their minds.

So the cycle of illusion gets passed from generation to generation, being reinforced by the controlling masters time and time again, until the perceptions of challenge and resistance fade into a distant memory. The perception of true freedom becomes mythical, like dragons and beasts of legend – a long ago fairy tale told by parents and grandparents until the mythical beast finally disappears into the mists of time.

Servitude and production for the masters Is all that there could ever be – all that there ever is – for humanity. Little worker ants twenty four hours a day. They will produce so they can pay others to produce so they can consume. What they produce will be meaningless because it is part of a never ending cycle of production and consumption of meaningless things – they will become meaningless. They will have things but they will have nothing, and their masters will have everything they desire.

They will crave this, they will need this, because it is all they have ever known, and all they will ever know. That is their destiny – to be alone in solitude, as producers and consumers and nothing else.

They will continue to exist because they have hope – hope that their lives will change, hope that their lives will improve, but the measures they use of how these things will change are illogical and false. Within each and every one there is something missing – something inexplicable that rests in the depths of their very soul.

It is a deep and seemingly distant thing of unknown origin that has always, and will always, exist. An eternity of mystery which resides in a place they know exists but cannot reach. With each day that passes, they notice it more, and yet it still remains elusive. With every command of their masters, and every control imposed, this mysterious thing seems to get heavier and stronger. The strength of it, the weight of it, can become almost unbearable, but they ignore it, and carry on in their solitude, their daily quest to find meaning and happiness. But this inexplicable thing remains a mystery and inexplicable, too painful to contemplate, and so it is ignored, and the cycle of production and consumption continues.

When you think of the reality of your world, you may find you are in the cycle of production and consumption, in which little changes except for the occasional moment of perceived change or false happiness.

If you have been fortunate enough to have been travelling though the world with your eyes open, then you are an enlightened being who is able to manifest the most magnificent change in yourself and others.

If you can see nothing and do not recognise how the world is, and the possibilities it can bring into your life, then you are lost and need to find your way, as many other have done and are doing.

The meaning of humanity has become largely lost and buried, but it still exists in each one of us. It is time for us to resurrect it in ourselves and others – time to change – time to become human again.

The lumbering dinosaurs of control are nearly extinct, yet they fail to embrace the true and wonderful nature of humanity, instead spreading their poison until the last dying flame of their existence is snuffed out.

The demise of the world we live in is imminent, as with all civilisations, it is finite and fragile. It is up to humanity what the outcome will be, what will be the fate of our children and the generations to come. The demise of our known world does not mean that humanity is at an end, it means a time of change. If humanity decides to do nothing but let the world decay, then that is the way it will be.

Each one of us has responsibility for the future of human kind. It is not the decision of a few that will make a difference and make a positive change, because those who are in power will still remain in the ashes of a burning world of dragons and be unable to move from the prison they create for themselves.

The change must start now, before it is too late to make the change that is needed for the transition from archaic ways to the new evolution that can be humanity’s future. If humanity waits, it will plunge itself into the darkness of little hope, where human will destroy human until all is lost.

The time has come where each one must re-discover the real meaning of their existence, and embrace it within themselves, and help the rest of humanity to find a way to become enlightened, to become evolved. Time to leave what is past in the past and move into a future of being rather than existing. 


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