UK – The loneliness epidemic, but all the government is thinking of is the cash

copy_of_lonely10Society has become fragmented, and the sense of ‘community’ has all but disappeared in most parts of the UK. The ‘loneliness epidemic’ has spiralled with 1 in 3 people living alone, often isolated from family and friends.

The government has ordered the Department of Health to conduct research into the extent of social isolation.

You may think that this research has the welfare of the population as the main driving force. No, their concerns are about how much money ‘the most isolated generation ever’ will cost the NHS and social services in the future.

It is all about saving money, with ‘experts’ concluding that loneliness increases the chances of health problems such as heart disease and blood clotting, and results in people moving into residential care at an earlier stage, and the financial demands on the government in providing services.

Through the development of a ‘loneliness measure’, the government wants health and social services to get a better idea of the problem and come up with money saving ideas.

It beggars belief that the government is initialising research to tell them something that is obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain. The only outcome of this will be to increase the workload of already overstretched services and impose more government targets. It has nothing to do with care.

There is no longer a system of ‘care’ in the UK. The concept of caring for the population disappeared long ago when the only things that came to matter were targets and cost savings. At that point, both the NHS and social services lost any remaining core values of care, and were considered to be burdensome financial institutions – and that is how they have been considered since – very poorly over-managed, target-driven lumbering dinosaurs controlled by statistics and accountants.

Government has created society as it is today. They have legislated and shaped the population into individuals with selfish aspirations whose only concern is ‘achieving’ their personal goals and surviving the best way they can in a regime where care and basic core human values take the side-line.

They have created a society where people are afraid to communicate with each other openly and freely, a society where any kind of coherence or solidarity is considered (ironically) anti-social, a society where people are afraid of their own shadows.

Until the government of the UK starts to take a different stance, and really starts to do their job of representing the people, ensuring that humanity is the focus of decisions instead of finance and wealth, to ensure that societies basic needs are properly catered for, loneliness within society will only become more widespread.

The alternative scenario is that the population will become so fed up with being denied their basic humanitarian needs that they will rebel and get rid of the government idiots completely. Perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing when we see how the government are behaving.


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