SPIRITUALITY – Now is the time to discover who you are

conscious-mind-355x258The world has changed and continues to change as an ever increasing rate. In all of this change it is easy to become lost, to become confused at and disillusioned with the world and everything in it.

But the world we experience is not the way the world really is or how it needs to be. We each live in our own version of reality which is influenced by our thoughts, feelings, the impact of those around us, and the way we are told life should be by those who control our lives, such as governments.

In all of this illusionary programming there are things which are lost – things that we know and feel deep inside, yet may not be able to make sense of, or which can become confusing in the world we experience.

Perhaps you have known these feelings since you were a child, or perhaps they have become more noticeable as you journey through life. But they have always been inside you, and always will be, whether you admit or deny their existence.

If you want to know these feelings, sit for two minutes in complete silence with no distractions, and with a quiet mind and see what happens. See what you feel, see how you will start to experience feelings you may not have experienced or not paid attention to before.

Those feelings are you, as you really are. They are the feelings that you have always had. These are the feelings that try to direct you and show you possibilities in the world. Consider how much attention you have given them, and how much you have followed or ignored them. They exist within you for a reason – they are your core being.

When you start to notice these feelings, you may find it hard to explain what they are or what they mean. Perhaps you feel uneasy and distract yourself from them. Perhaps you become uneasy at feeling something so deep. There is no need to be afraid of them, and it is quite normal to find them confusing, or to feel uneasy about them to begin with.

With our focus being on surviving in the world, we often ignore our core feelings because we are busy complying with the needs of society and those around us. We tend to busy ourselves with working, doing something, or thinking about the practicalities that need to be taken care of.

The problem is that by concentrating on the illusionary world we and others live in, we are ignoring an essential part of who we are. We are ignoring our internal compass, one that can guide us through life and knows much better than conscious thought what the ‘right’ thing is for us.

It is much more than a ‘gut’ feeling, although having a strong ‘gut feeling’ is part of the way our core tries to guide us.

If you think about a time when you had a very strong feeling and did the opposite – what happened? Was the opposite thing you did right, or did you feel conflict, or even guilt? Many people who become stuck in a situation they are not really comfortable in being part of feel some kind of inner discomfort or conflict. The reason is that whatever the situation is, it is in opposition to what your core is trying to tell you. Many people force themselves to remain in an uncomfortable situation and try to ‘make the best of it’, which in turn amplifies the feelings of conflict, guilt, and eventually blind acceptance. People may continue to do things, or remain in situations that they know to be ‘wrong’ – either for them as individuals, or ‘morally’.

This kind of compliant behaviour is often seen in work environments, where people will stay in employment they don’t like because they feel they have to. Or some may maintain a friendship or personal relationship because they feel they have to, even though their core is telling them something else.

Ignoring the deepest core feelings results in two things. First, the person will be in conflict and feelings of fear, guilt, and other negative feelings will be amplified over time. Secondly, the person will look for other (often self-destructive) ways to try and compensate for the negativity, such as overworking, abusing drugs or alcohol, or trying to find constant positive stimulation. In effect, the person does not find peace.

As beings, most of what we are exists at the unconscious level. When we communicate, over 90% is at the unconscious level. What we consciously think is the result of unconscious processes and constitutes a small proportion of how we view the world. We are not conscious of many of the mechanisms that get us through the day. There is so much more to us than we realise.

Those deep inner core feelings are there for a reason. They are there to guide us and connect us to each other. So often people try to find external answers, and pursue what they think they should in order to satisfy their need to be part of some unidentified thing, to be wanted or liked, when the answers are inside them if only they took the time to look and listen.

Learning to listen to these deep inner feelings helps a person to really see the world around them, it opens up the mind to higher consciousness and can make sense of the way we perceive things to be. It enables a person to make decisions that are fundamentally based on core values instead of illusionary and false external manipulation or information. A person can start to ‘feel’ what the right path is and learn to act on it.

If every person in the world were to turn the world inside out, so that reality was our deep innermost feelings, and the physical world was unconscious, the intrinsic core values within every person would dominate and override our perceptions, concentrating on the common values of humanity, something we could call consciousness.

Then, in theory, there would be no war, there would be no fear, there would be no rich or poor, there would be complete acceptance of others, and many other things that we think of as being part of our society would disappear, because those things are artificial constructs of society – it would be impossible for them to exist. It would also be impossible for anyone to amass power through finance or intimidation because those things would have no effect or meaning.

This may sound ‘idealistic’ or impossible to achieve, but it is not. It only takes time for humanity to evolve into a higher conscious state, and for those who cannot change to fall by the wayside. As with any change, it starts with individuals beginning to realise and taking action, and many are. More than at any other time in human history, more people are ‘awakening’ and becoming aware of how humanity must evolve and how the world really is. They are aware that we live in an artificial reality and that those that crave power and control are dinosaurs that will make themselves extinct.

Every person must take a step back and look at the world with fresh eyes – every person must find their own path. If you look you will find – the important thing is to remember why you are looking in the first place.


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