UK – Pensioner’s benefits may be axed

'Fall' in women's pensions savingsFuture pensioners may find that benefits such as winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, and free TV licences may be cut after the 2015 election.

In an article in the Daily Express newspaper, ministers claim that the cuts for new pensioners will be necessary to save billions of pounds.

According to Nick Clegg “Any party that goes into the next election committing to not touch a hair on the head of benefits for the most affluent pensioners in this country will be found out very quickly.”

He is the latest government minister to state that pensioners would be hit harder financially whoever wins the next election.

Presently, Cameron insists that pensioner benefits will not come under the government sledgehammer during the term of the current government.

Article on the Daily Express website

No details have been released about how much the government expect to save by hitting pensioner’s pockets, but we suspect it is nowhere near the amount that could be saved if the government sorted out priorities and stopped wasting money.


Pensioners have contributed to this country throughout their lives. Not just financially, many have fought in wars to try and maintain the freedom of the UK, many have worked in harsh conditions to keep this country working.


At a time in their lives when they should reap some benefit from the contributions they have made, they are kicked in the teeth by a bunch of idiots that have no concept of hardship.


On the other hand, this could just be scaremongering by the current government in an attempt to offset the damage they have done to themselves recently, and have started clutching at straws in the hope that they may have a chance of being re-elected in 2015.



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