UK – Time for this deceitful and manipulative government to step down

cam -liarIn the last few days the UK coalition government have shown the British public their true face – one of purposeful deceit and double standards. As Cameron and his cronies sit in their ivory towers, it has become clear that their only concern is those who sit with them.

The incredibly infantile behaviour of the government is not what the public expect (or should expect) from those elected to represent public interest. Giggling like stupid little public schoolboys and using ridiculous ‘buzzwords’ when implementing budget cuts that will result in real hardship for millions of people is not the way serious, grown men with incredible responsibilities behave.

During the recent cap on benefits, Cameron (notice how it mostly seems to be Cameron doing the talking) ‘promised’ a “full, frank and completely unvarnished review of the coalition’s performance” when the government’s half-term audit was released. As we can expect of a politician’s ‘promise’ – it was a lie. When the audit was released it only covered the coalition’s successes, presented in all their glory. They then posted their failures on the internet with no fanfare at all, and hoped that no one would notice. Hardly the “full, frank and completely unvarnished” review the public was expecting to see.

Cameron still seems too dim to get the message that his lies are obvious and his interests are seen for what they are – to look after his ‘mates’. Even when two of his ministers desert his stinking, sinking ship within a few days of each other, he doesn’t get the message. Lord Merland who was Cameron’s business minister became fed-up with the grind of the government. Two days before, Lord Strathclyde resigned as Leader of the House of Lords.

Since the New Year, Cameron has been severely criticised for his seemingly rigid stance on increasing extremely inefficient foreign aid payments to over £11 billion, despite severe criticism of both his motives, and of the true benefit of aid payments on those who need them. It is fact that a very large chunk of aid payments contribute to the coffers of extortionately highly-priced consultants, with only a small proportion of aid reaching those who are supposed to benefit. Increasing aid payments has also been seen as an expensive marketing campaign for the government, despite Cameron’s rhetoric on austerity.

But Cameron is not content with attacking adults and using them to further he and his associates means, he is now targeting children – how low can he go?

Can Cameron explain how his government gave high-earners significant tax breaks, which he has balanced by viciously attacking the poorer of society? Perhaps not, but we can.

Cameron and his cronies have no interest in governing the UK for the benefit of the people. They are using their time in government – which they know cannot possibly go to another term in office – to line their own pockets with as much as they can.  They are also trying to make sure that the subsequent government will find repairing the damage already done a very difficult and time consuming task.

This government is rotten to the core and displays the worst kind of manipulation and deceit possible from those in public office. Cameron in particular (although Duncan Smith is a close second) is a liar.

It is time for them to go – and go now!


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