HEALTH – Stress becoming a modern day pandemic

stressedThe subject of stress has been in the news recently with, children, teenagers, adults, and older adults all becoming victims of this nasty and damaging trend.

The most recent study was conducted by the ‘Mental Health Foundation’ in the UK, which found that 25% of adults saying that stress is now part of their lives at least every few days, and 58% expressed that their lives were much more stressed that 5 years ago.

Two of the main factors attributed to increased stress are financial worries and the pressures of work.

The charity’s chief executive, Andrew McCulloch, argues that many experiencing stress are not making managing stress a priority, and calls for the government to provide more practical help to aid people manage it better. He goes on to say “Unmanaged, stress can develop into serious mental health problems, such as depression, as well as increasing the risk of physical illness such as heart disease.”

In expressing that the government should provide more help, McCulloch said “The introduction of the improving access to psychological therapies programme was a great step forward, but more needs to be done as only a quarter of those who need treatment are getting it.”

And there is the problem for treating stress – now what about the causes.

The extreme stress that people are experiencing in modern society is not natural, and does not need to be part of our modern lives. Stress occurs because people are overloaded and in conflict with their human capabilities and purpose.

Humans are not designed to get up in the morning, rush to work, try and complete the unreasonable demands of employers and ‘authorities’, then rush home to spend the evening trying to sort out their complicated and messy lives, to repeat the cycle again the next day.

In a society where there are people spending twelve hours or more going to and from, and being at work, it is no wonder that they are stressed. Add financial slavery, and there is an explosive mix.

Our world seems to be based on people trying to aspire to what they think they should do (and which many will never achieve), rather than what they feel is right and natural. People are forced into positions they can neither cope with, nor should be part of to start with.

Stress started to become a wider issue during the 1980s, when ‘yuppies’ was the latest buzzword and people were told to ‘work, work, work’. It has got worse since then as generations have grown into adults listening to the same bullshit mantra.

No amount of ‘therapy’ is going to address the real problems people face in an un-natural environment such as modern society.

As McCulloch rightly points out, only a quarter of people who need psychological therapies in the UK have access to them – that is not because they are not trying to get help – more that there are not the resources there in the first place and the mental health system is a shambles.

The increased access to psychological therapies initiative was nothing more than trying to stick a plaster on a broken leg, a very narrow focus that was seen as a ‘cure all’ at the time. This does not detract from the professionalism or dedication of those who provide the service, who are as much victims of government interference as anyone else.

In the real world, there are people who are waiting YEARS for ANY kind of meaningful intervention. THAT is the reality.

Until the government starts to look at society and its citizens as more than ‘cash cows’ the situation will not change, neither will the distress that people suffer.


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