UK – Delusional Cameron wants to stay in office until 2020

0512-Britain-Election-cameron-clegg_full_600It seems that the current outbreak of madness within government continues as the clown prince of politics, Cameron, seriously thinks he will stay in office as Prime Minister until 2020.

With rumours abounding that the coalition government are at each other’s throats, Cameron embarked on a round of interviews bestowing how well he and Clegg get along, and waffled on about a united front, and other political rhetoric.

The publishing of what they describe as the coalition’s ‘Mid-Term Review’ states “”We are dealing with the deficit, rebuilding the economy, reforming welfare and education and supporting hard-working families through tough times. And on all of these key aims, our parties, after 32 months of coalition, remain steadfast and united.”

As usual, Cameron is the mouth-piece of the coalition, with Clegg seeming to linger in the background making little outspoken contribution to Cameron’s views.

It is this deluded rubbish that constantly comes from the government that must indicate they are so out of touch with reality that having them in control of a country is dangerously frightening.

They have already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the poor and vulnerable in society are being hit hard, and will be hit harder in the future by government policies. They have embarked on their own agenda with near FASCIST enthusiasm, and refuse to consider reality.

Perhaps if the first thing they approached was the enormous waste by government which amounts to BILLIONS of pounds, then perhaps the public may have (at least) some confidence that the government was giving some consideration to the country and its people. However, time and time again, the government has avoided and smoke-screened the real issues that affect the financial state of the UK.

There is no point in blaming previous governments, or anything else. The fact is that the current government has been in control long enough to make a real positive difference if that was their intention.

With each policy, with each law, with each public appearance, the government seem to be losing grip on reality, taking the country further and further to the abyss, where the poor and the vulnerable will become non-citizens, and the rich and ‘old-boys network’ will flourish.

The FACT is that the government and their cronies are looking after their own means. They present themselves as media personalities in an attempt to fool the public, while in the background they continue to connive and line their own pockets.

It is time for these kinds of governments and politicians to go – whatever party they belong to. They are idiots – and dangerous ones at that.


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