SPAIN – Locksmiths taking back the power of the people – a lesson for the world

Picture: AFP

Picture: AFP

People often feel powerless when it comes to challenging authority and finding a way to do the right thing. The locksmiths of Pamplona in Spain have done the right thing by not complying with the callous actions of the bureaucrats.

The locksmiths of Pamplona consulted each other and decided they would not take part in doing the dirty work of the local authorities and banks, which are responsible for creating the housing crisis in Spain. Banks lent 100% mortgages to people knowing that the housing prices were inflated, and now those people are unable to pay because of the incompetence of the government, many are facing eviction onto the streets of Spain.

In an article in the Guardian, Iker de Carlos said “It only took us 15 minutes to reach a decision.  We all had stories of jobs we had been on where families had been left on the street. When you set out all you have is an address and the name of the bank, but I recall an elderly, sick man who was barely given time to put his trousers on.”

The reasoning behind the locksmith’s decision was that the banks had aggressively promoted mortgages of more than 100% on property. Bank staff were on commission and often aggressively target clients to offer them further finance.

Now the banks are foreclosing mortgages they sold to gullible and vulnerable people while at the same time getting billions of euros in public aid.

This is real action by real people. They and others like them have come together to ‘do the right thing’  and restore real community spirit to help each other in times of difficulty, while at the same time sending a very clear message that the people have had enough of being used to further the objectives and line the pockets of those who exert power.

This is what the world needs – not war and violence – it needs people saying ‘no – enough is enough’ and taking back the control they once had.

Those who have lived through the 1970s will know the power of communities helping each other and having a voice against the powerful in society. Banding together and taking action to do what is right. Sadly, that voice has been largely lost since the 1980s when society started to develop the selfish ‘me, me’ attitude that we see so prevalent today, and have had the guts kicked out of them through successive decades of restriction and brainwashing that says authority must be obeyed, and standing up an saying ‘NO’ will make one an outcast. We live in a time of gutless false aspiration, and now is the time to change.

Do you have the guts to do it? You better decide, because the time is coming soon when you will either have to lay down and die or fight.

The original article is on the Guardian website.


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