UK – Government will WASTE in excess of £50 billion of taxpayer’s money this year

money+down+the+draincropThe figures are shocking. In a time when the government are targeting the poor and vulnerable, they will waste in excess of £50 billion of taxpayer’s money.

Using a combination of information UK Statistics Authority, the Public Accounts Committee, and other sources, the true total of government financial waste is revealed.

Some examples of how the government has wasted YOUR money:

  • Changing parliamentary boundaries in wales – £1 million
  • Free Schools that did not open or gain support – £2.3 million
  • Imprisoning Buzzards on estates so they don’t frighten away the shooting prey – £400,000
  • RENTING 12 fig trees to put outside of MP’s offices – £438,250
  • Revamping the offices of the Department of International Development’s offices in India, three years before they were due to close – £225,000.
  • Advertising Britain on British television – £4 million.
  • Aid to Argentina – £450 million
  • Wear bridge – £118 million
  • University of East Sussex for consulting on agriculture in Asia – £7.5 million.
  • Consultant fees to advise India on how to run their health service – £20 million
  • Consultant on how to reduce poverty in housing in India – £3.1 million
  • Consultants for India on how to reduce the gap between rich and poor – £24.5 million
  • Consultants to charities on how they can support government policies – £1 million
  • Climate aid to 3rd world countries (which they don’t need) – £2 billion
  • National Audit Office of estimated internal government waste – £31 billion
  • And the list goes on and on..

Most of the consultancy fees for consulting foreign governments go to British companies, often using ex-government employees. Seems like the ‘old-boys network’ is still a profitable sector to belong to.

At the same time as wasting TENS OF BILLIONS the government is telling the citizens of the UK that their benefits will be cut, essential service finance will be cut, councils will receive less funding, and all of the other brainless ideas they have come up with in recent months.

Add to the waste, £11 billion in foreign aid (although it may be fairer to include only half of this amount, with the other half going towards justifiable international disaster aid) and the £10 billion in uncollected tax (mainly from large and influential corporations that the government doesn’t seem too keen to pursue) and the figure of incompetent budgeting could easily go over £100 billion!

Then there is the cost of a high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham which only the rich will be able to afford to use. The project will cost an estimated £32 billion, with an annual cost of £1 billion. Of course, the cost of building the network will rise, as will the annual cost. It is bound to lose money from the beginning.

We can also add the cost of waste by the Ministry of Defence which is estimated at £6 billion. Plus the cost of the ‘war’ in Afghanistan with an estimated final cost of £20 billion.

The reality of how miss-managed taxpayer’s money is confirms how those in power will look after their own interests before those of the country. This is an outrageous situation.


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