UK – Cameron told ‘Keep out of Syria’ by the British public

warmongers1-320x239A survey has shown that the majority of British people do not support the UK’s provision of military support to rebels in Syria.

Despite Cameron trying to rally support to arm the Syrian rebels, the survey conducted on behalf of ‘The Independent’ newspaper by market research company ComRes, shows that 48% of British people do not support the UK supplying military equipment to the rebels in Syria, and 18% said they didn’t know.

As can be expected of the government, the likelihood of Cameron representing and respecting the views of the British people is virtually non-existent. Cameron will carry on with his own agenda regardless of public opinion, and will continue to offer rhetoric and vague argument with no credible basis in the truth.

Several EU countries have already expressed their concern at Cameron’s proposal to relax sanctions on the supply of armaments to the rebels.

Cameron is ignoring the views of his own party. Richard Ottoway, Conservative chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said it “has become increasingly concerned that momentum is building toward some form of Western-backed military action, and that the Government is considering becoming involved in such action imminently, without consulting Parliament”.

Other British MPs have expressed that arming Syrian rebels is too close a step towards direct military action by the UK against the Syrian regime, which would be an illegal act under international law.

We should also be concerned about the enthusiasm with which Cameron is pursuing this particular issue.

The Syrian rebels are known to have committed atrocities against civilians in the name of their fight against the Assad regime. The rebels appear to have ready access to a supply of US military hardware, and in August Obama issued a directive authorising clandestine operations by the CIA.

Could it be that Cameron does not give a damn about public opinion, or even the opinion of his own party members, because he is yet another sheep of the US – as Blair was?

Cameron and his cronies follow their own agendas for their own purposes and have never represented the British people. It is about time that changed, and about time that government re-learned what their role is in society. 


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