USA – LaPierre the face of IGNORANCE and PREJUDICE in the NRA

lapierreIt is interesting that it takes someone killing 20 children before anyone cares what people who have mental health problems do. Who is to blame? The government – no one else.

At a press conference on the 21st December 2012, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA blamed the mass shootings on the lack of a central database of mentally ill. The NRA also claimed that people with mental health problems are especially prone to violence.

It may be interesting for Wayne LaPierre to know that AT LEAST 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems at any point in time – so that means (according to the NRA statement) AT LEAST 25% of the NRA membership could be ‘especially prone to violence’ and should be on a database of people who are mentally ill – let alone hold firearms licences!

We are certainly not against the NRA or the right of Americans to bear arms – but this kind of STUPID and IGNORANT statement does nothing to help their cause or image. LaPierre needs to get his FACTS straight and get his head out of his butt.

The FACTS are that most people with mental health problems keep away from trauma and stressful situations, often becoming reclusive and unwilling to engage in society. Another FACT is that people who have mental health problems are LESS prone to violence than the general population. The FACT is that most people with mental health problems are VULNERABLE. The FACT is that people with mental health problems are more likely to end up in the justice system than the general population because of the lack of facilities and proper treatment.

If the NRA wants to apportion blame, they need to look at the way the government has dramatically cut spending on mental health services in the US.

FACT: About 95% of gun violence in the US is committed by people who do not have a diagnosis of mental illness.

FACT: The government has cut national spending on mental health by $1.6 billion since 2009.

FACT: The USA is in the TOP 5 countries of homicide rates with firearms.

FACT: The USA has the highest rate of firearm ownership in the world.


YOU, Wayne LaPierre, have made statements which have seriously damaged the acceptability of the NRA as a credible organisation to represent responsible gun ownership through YOUR OWN IGNORANCE AND PREJUDICE.


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