Redeployment of British military to the Gulf – does Cameron think we are stupid?

Number-10-Downing-StreetAt a press briefing on December 21st 2012, David Cameron was asked the following question:

General Sir David Richards earlier this week suggested that we may see redeployment of British troops in the Gulf.  Do you envisage the building of new British army bases in the Gulf and the Middle East, including perhaps Oman?

Cameron’s response was:

We already have some British forces based in the Gulf.  Obviously there’s British forces in Bahrain; there’s Al Udeid airbase which we use with the Americans in Qatar; and we have some forces in the Emirates already, at Minhad, and there are other deployments as well.  I think what you’re seeing specifically with the United Arab Emirates is not just a plan to sell Typhoon aircrafts, but a big, significant defence cooperation which could, yes, lead to more British troops stationed in that country.

And I think this is an exciting possibility for both countries, to have a proper strategic defence relationship defence partnership.  And I think that’s the way the world is going.  People don’t just want to buy equipment now, they want to have proper industrial and defence partnerships.  And where we have strong alliances like we do with the UAE I think it’s all to the good.

A question we would like to ask is ‘How stupid do you think the people of Britain are Cameron?’

Yes – we already have British forces in the Gulf – as part of an armada of provocative naval power converged on the Strait of Hormuz – a direct threat to the sovereignty of Iran.

We have already seen how the US forces have purposely attempted to provoke Iran in to taking military action. US war ships have purposely entered Iranian territorial waters, and the US have purposely sent drones into Iranian airspace.

In the speech by General Sir David Richards, which was referred to in the question to the Prime Minister, he said “Should the need arise for another Libya-style operation, we will be prepared. This would greatly enhance our ability to support allies as they contain and deter threats and, with our naval presence in Bahrain, air elements in the UAE and Qatar, and traditional but potentially enhanced roles in Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, would make us a regional ally across the spectrum”

This little speech of Richards came after the US Obama administration had been critical of European involvement in the Middle-East, stating that ‘they [the Europeans] have got to take more responsibility looking after the security interests not only of their own continent but those in the Middle East and Gulf.’

Cameron has expressed views that British interests in the emirates, sultanates, and kingdoms of the Gulf have to be protected. However, the only interests Cameron seems to have are commercial – primarily arms sales.

Richards also said that there would be British army brigades in Africa who would be able to support any future military action.

YET AGAIN – we are seeing Britain being dragged into a fantasy conflict – this time with Iran – in order to pander to the US vision of wiping out ANY independent Middle-East regime.

Iran is just another country on the US’ shopping list to be ticked off when all traces of resistance to western commercialism, corruption, and control have disappeared.

The ONLY aim of the US and its cronies is to dominate every part of the world they think are weak enough to be overpowered and which are commercially attractive. If they were truly considering the security of the world, why would they not be looking at establishing similar ‘security’ arrangements in areas bordering China, or Russia? The answer is quite simple, the Chinese and Russians just wouldn’t stand for it and are powerful enough to wipe-out most of Western Europe.


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